Support the Spectacular Raffle!

Purchase your raffle shares for a
2022 Chevrolet Trailblazer
generously donated by
Heartland Chevrolet.

Thanks to the Igoe Family and
Heartland Chevrolet for their support of Rockhurst High School!

2ND PRIZE $2,000
3RD PRIZE $1,500
4TH PRIZE $1,000

Each raffle share is $100.  Families with more than two sons can purchase 3 shares for $250, and each student in the family will receive Spectacular 2022 sweatpants.

NOTE - this link can be shared and used to sell shares to family and friends.  Just make sure they note the student’s name at the time of purchase!
Let’s sell those raffle shares!
But wait… there's MORE!
In 2021, Rockhurst students sold $75,750 worth of raffle shares. If you exceed that amount in sales, your sweatpant wearing streak will be extended UNTIL SPRING BREAK begins on March 12th. That is TWO MORE WEEKS of wearing sweatpants!  You have until the end of Friday, February 25th to hit this goal.
AND… the top selling class will receive TWO additional game spaces for the Mission Week Board Game!  All sales through Thursday, March 31st count towards class totals.  Weekly totals will be shared each Monday, and the winning class will be announced Friday, April 1st.
Current Standings:
Student sales= $56,450
Freshman= .83 (204.5 tickets sold)
Sophomores= .67 (166 tickets sold)
Juniors= .62 (133.5 tickets sold)
Seniors= .52 (116 tickets sold)
 *Average number of tickets sold per student based on class size.  
*Student’s name and graduation year must be noted at time of purchase to receive credit.
Only Spectacular 2022 auction sweatpants will be allowed.  Normal uniform attire is required on top for all.  If a raffle share is not purchased, regular dress code applies.  
BUY TODAY!  Student sweatpants are available for pick up on B days before school starts and everyday after school in the Auction Office.

Spectacular Raffle Rules