Supporting The Rock

Rockhurst High School exists for our students. We exist for our families. We exist for our community – “men and women for others.”

We are at the beginning of a difficult economy and no one can predict what will happen next. Yet, we know what need exists for the dreams of parents to secure a Jesuit education for their sons.

The first obstacle before us is to fund the $1 MILLION that is still needed to reach our Financial Aid budget by June 30, 2020. With the Coronavirus crisis, appeals from families for additional aid are being received due to a loss of income.

We need your assistance to respond to pleas from struggling families who are trying their best to meet the financial commitments required for their son’s education.

To honor the Class of 2020, we are running the "$20 For 2020" Campaign! To learn more and to make a gift, click here.

Or you can give now to the Emergency Relief Fund.

Listen to this special message from our President, Mr. David L. Laughlin.

Your gift in Rockhurst is an investment in the students of tomorrow. Your support helps ensure that the quality of our educational programs remains second-to-none, that faculty members are at the top of their fields, and that Rockhurst remains a school for the many and not the few.

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    Mr. Laurence Freeman 

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