Dear Rockhurst Community,

I truly hope the school year has gotten off to a strong start for each of you and your sons.  I couldn't be more proud to be here, leading the Dining Services team, which plays a major key role in helping your boys through each day, providing wholesome, made from scratch meals to power them through their various activities and classes!

FLIK Independent School Dining or FISD is a family-style company that strives to provide healthy, nutritious menus to school children and their communities.  We are here to fuel students' minds; both in and out of the dining commons. We treat every meal as a moment to eat, share, and connect. 

We offer many flavorful, nutritious options throughout the day to grab a bite to eat:

1.  a la carte Breakfast (Retail) - See full breakfast menu / prices here

2.  Inclusive Full Lunch - See full lunch menu here

3.  Quarry (After-school Snack Bar, Retail) - See full Quarry menu / prices here

To fund your son’s declining balance account online, you will use the online payment portal,

Money loaded on to these accounts will be available for use at breakfast in the Dining Commons, after school at the Quarry, as well as at concessions events throughout the year.

You can set reminders to email you when the balance dips below a certain amount.  You can also set up an auto-topoff, where your son's account will be funded automatically when it reaches a certain amount.

Student ID numbers for MySchoolBucks are the last four digits of your sons RHS Student ID.  Use your students ID number or birth date to create your initial account.

For Tutorial Videos and Help with MySchoolBucks - Click Here

Nutrislice Menus
Find all our daily offerings and seasonal specials throughout each of our venues on the Rockhurst High School Nutrislice Page.

We make every effort to post our menus 4-6 weeks in advance, so that you can see what your boys are eating each day.  Menus can be printed by day, month or week for your convenience.

Once again, I can not thank you enough for your trust and the opportunity to provide all these dining services to your son each and every day.  Proper nutrition is paramount for each and every Hawklet here and it begins and ends with your Dining Services department!
Thank you,
Eric DeJaager
Director of Dining Services
Flik Independent School Dining
Rockhurst High School
9301 State Line Road
Kansas City, MO 64114
(o) 816-363-2036 ext. 245


**Please note that all menus are subject to change based on product pricing and availability**
**Please note, transaction fees may apply for utilizing the MySchoolBucks service online.  Online transactions may take up to three business days for funds to be available in your son(s) account.  However, there is no fee and no delay for depositing funds into your account in person at any register.  You can deposit using cash, credit/debit card or check (made out to Rockhurst High School)**