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Through its various programs and activities, Rockhurst High School aids in the total development of its students, according to the Graduation-at-Graduation Profile.  St. Ignatius, the founder of the Jesuit order, challenges us to view creation as a gift, to revel in its discovery, and to work within ourselves to draw people closer to God. 

While academic excellence is the hallmark of the school, Rockhurst is equally committed to providing an experience of excellence through student activities by which students experience “the tasting of things” as part of creation.  High school students have a real need for opportunities in which they can explore, excel, make friends, learn, and give expression to their talents and abilities.

Rockhurst’s student activities program is designed to provide all students with this opportunity to share with the larger community his God-given gifts and to develop them further. Rockhurst’s programming of athletics, clubs, and other student activities aim to be truly co-curricular, i.e., equal partners to academic course work that support and advance the goals of the Graduate-at-Graduation Profile.

Vision Statement for Rockhurst Co-Curriculars (non-athletic)
RHS co-curriculars will be areas of student life that extend Rockhurst’s Catholic, Jesuit school curriculum beyond its classroom to aid in the total development of its students.

Mission Statement for Rockhurst Co-Curriculars (non-athletic)
In the spirit of its Jesuit tradition, RHS co-curriculars bring students to affective experiences in which they explore personal interests and develop talents both latent and active.  Its activities foster student collaboration, friendships, and leadership as students become men of competence, compassion, and conscience in the spirit of the grad-at-grad.
In addition to the student clubs and activites listed below, Rockhurst also has 11 sports programs (baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, lacrosse, soccer, swim & dive, tennis, track & field, wrestling) run by the Athletic Department, and you can find out more about those sports under "Athletics".

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  • ACE (Architecture-Construction-Engineering) Mentor Program

    Interested in becoming more familiar in careers related to Architecture, Construction, and Engineering?  This opportunity is for you!

    Excerpt below from ACE Mentor website overview:

    To engage, excite, and enlighten high school students to pursue careers in architecture, engineering, and construction through mentoring and continued support for their advancement into the industry.

    Contact Mr. Tyler Baker for more information:
  • Album Club

    The Rockhurst Album Club is the perfect opportunity for students to share and also learn about records. We come up with an album of the week for which we invite current and new members to listen. When we meet up all share what we thought about the album.

    During that time we also discuss who should pick the next album of the week and what the album is. If you haven’t listened to an album from front to back there is a whole new world waiting for you here.

    Contact Mr. Dan Calderon (
  • Architecture & Engineering Club

    The Architecture & Engineering Club introduces students to the concepts of architecture and engineering through demonstrations, multi-disciplinary build projects, hosting of engaging speakers, and site visits related to the fields of architecture and engineering.  The club's four objectives are to network with local professionals, gain exposure to actual and relevant projects, gain exposure to design tools, and participate in hands-on projects and competitions.

    Moderator: Mrs. Katie Bland
  • Astronomy Club

    The Astronomy Club introduces students to the planets and stars of the cosmos by giving them an up close encounter while using telescopes.  The goal of the club is to create new methods to observe the night sky while promoting interest in astronomy.

    Contact Mr. Winkeler
  • Automotive Club

    The automotive club is a group of students that are interested in automotive mechanics, car maintenance, and driving safety.  We also share car show information as well as car group meetings throughout the Kansas City area.  

    Contact Mr. Tyler Baker:
  • Bowling Club

    The Rockhurst Bowling Club is an opportunity for bowlers of different ages and skill levels to spend time together improving their game and having a good time with friends.  Members meet at a bowling alley after school one day most weeks and with the moderator present.  Some come every week, some come when they can.  All have a good time!

    Contact Mr. Mike Holmes and Mrs. Elizabeth Kelsey
  • Cannonball Club (vocations)

    The Cannonball Club is a group for students with an interest in exploring a religious or priestly calling, specifically within the Society of Jesus.  Members meet on a monthly basis to pray together and discuss topics related to religious life.  

    Members of the school's Jesuit community facilitate this group.  

    The group is open to all students, regardless of interest level.  New members welcome!

    Contact: Mr. Matt Nickson
  • Chamber Choir Club

    The Chamber Choir is an auditioned club open for any choir student grades 10-12 interested in singing capella music in a co-curricular setting.  Meetings and rehearsals meet during the Activity Period and other select times throughout the year.  This club gives students opportunities to share their musical skill and preparation at select Rockhurst events.  They serve as ambassadors to the Rockhurst Fine Arts Department as they perform and serve at these Rockhurst sponsored events.

    Contact Dr. Coker:
  • Chapel Choir

    This group of individuals are concerned about developing an important aspect of the spiritual life at the Rock. This group of vocalists and instrumentalists perform at all school liturgies and at the monthly Father/Son masses.

    Contact: Mr. Nickson
  • Chess Club

    The RHS Chess Club participates in as many as eight local tournaments per year and is open to students who wish to compete interscholastically as part of the Chess Team or simply enjoy a game of chess during activity period. A perennial contender for the STATE title, the Chess Club occasionally competes nationally as well.

    This group meets with the Table-Top Club in room 305.

    Contact Mr. Stephen Arico 
  • Classics Club

    This club is open to Latin and Greek students.  This club will successfully compete in the JCC convention and explore meetings with other high school classics clubs.

    Contact Mr. Alex Dobens
  • Conservation Science Club

    The Conservation Science Club focuses on the preservation and understanding of the natural world that we live in.  The Club advocates for a healthy ecology in our environment through the pursuit of knowledge.  Through citizen science projects involving animals, plant life, and outdoor service projects, the Conservation Club is at the forefront of our school community in helping Rockhurst understand the needs of our planet.  
    The Conservation Science Club is divided into three divisions; the Animal Division, the Fish Division, and the Field Division.  The Animal Division focuses on the required habitats and husbandry of the animals at our school.  Members of this division focus on the care of animals and rescue those in need.  The Fish Division maintains for the freshwater and saltwater fish tanks at Rockhurst, as well as works with several citizen science projects to help release fish into the wild.  Members of this division are commissioned with creating the most optimum aquatic environments.  The Field Division works as a unit on service projects that benefit the environment as well as advocate for the needs of the outdoors.  The Field Division is the caretaker of the Outdoor Classroom.  

    Contact Mr. Paul Winkeler and Mrs. Heidi Loveridge
  • Culinary Club

    Club members explore different cuisines available at local restaurants.  Members also bring their own special meals to share with classmates or participate in potlucks during activity periods, while also looking for other opportunities to unite or serve people through their food interests.  

    Contact Mr. Mark Bayhylle:
  • Dramatics

    Each year the school Drama Dept. presents a number of productions including a fall play, spring musical, and a theater workshop.  Students may participate as actors, technical crew members, or in other ways depending on their interests and talents.  Participating members may qualify for entrance into the International Thespian Society.

    Contact Mr. Anthony McMurray:
  • Drone Club

    The Drone Club consists of students who are either aerial drone enthusiasts or simply interested in learning more about such technology.  Activities range from flights, use of flight simulators, assembly support, discussions of new features, and facilitating drone workshops for the Rockhurst community.

    Contact Mr. Pat Doyle
  • Drum Line

    The Drum Line is Rockhurst High School's premiere percussion ensemble. Membership is by audition and only after attending the Drum Line camp during the 1st week of August. Students interested in the Drum Line can start to sharpen their skills by being in the Drum Corp of the Pep Band. The Drum Line performs at all the varsity home football games and intends to broaden their scope by performing at the varsity basketball games also.

    Be sure to check out our audition page for more information on what to prepare for auditions, which will take place during the first day of our Drum Line mini-camp during the first week of August. Also, please remember to enroll in the Drum Line.  

    For more information contact:
    Mr. Austin Barnes


  • Entrepreneurship Club

    Entrepreneurship Club strives to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the tools they need for success while fostering innovation and action that will better our community. In the 2019-2020 school year, the club organized a fully student-run enterprise at Rockhurst to create a structure within which future club members will be able to establish their own organizations.  In 2020-2021, members explored the needs of organizations during the initial year of the pandemic and, as a result, designed and modeled a cost-effective hand sanitizer station for elementary schools with limited resources.  In 2021-2022, the group explored data gathering and analysis and also explored effective means of communication with students.

    Contact Mr. Re
  • Faber Society (altar servers)

    Named after the first member of the Society of Jesus to be ordained a priest, the Peter Faber Society is established for men who hope to serve the Church through the ministry of Altar Serving during the celebration of the Holy Mass.

    Not only will men minister through the Mass, they will learn about the history of the liturgy.

    Contact Mr. Matt Nickson (
  • French Club

    The French Club is open to students who enjoy French Language or Culture.  Annual events include a French breakfast with Notre Dame de Sion High School, frequent games of "Boule", and participation in the Foreign Language bowling tournament.

    Contact Mrs. Kimberly Hoglund
  • Future Business Leaders of America

    As an FBLA chapter, the Rockhurst FBLA Club integrates business study with career and leadership development.  Topics range from investment, management, entrepreneurship, and marketing.  This robust group participates in numerous competitions and conferences both locally and nationally each year.

    Contact Mr. Radosevic
  • Future Docklets of America

    This club is a great way for students to become familiar with the medical field.  The club will includes visits during activity period and outside of school hours with medical professionals to speak about their work and fields of care.  Visits to clinics and other medical facilities are also scheduled.

    Students who may be exploring potential medical careers or simply interested in learning more about health are welcome.

    Contact Mr. Eric Berg and Mrs. Lisa Weis, RN
  • Hockey

    It is the mission of the Rockhurst High School Hockey Club to maintain a high school ice hockey program representing Rockhurst High School and to operate the program in such a manner to which conforms to the standards, regulations, requirements and principles of this Rockhurst High School. The Club is organized to provide the student participants of Rockhurst High School a developmental opportunity through a competitive hockey program. We regard our first priority to assist these young men to grow toward adulthood by experiencing the joys and managing the trials of team development, competitive play, managing wins and losses, relating to an adult supervision, exercising self-discipline, demonstrating locality to teammates and school, and striving for excellence on and off the ice.

    It is the mission of the Club to provide an opportunity for the students of Rockhurst High School to represent their school as a student-athlete by playing high school ice hockey. 
    It is the mission of the Club to promote excellence in high school ice hockey participation by emphasizing a high level of academics, conduct, teamwork, personal development and Christian character for those participating members of the Club.
    It is the mission of the Club to play a competitive schedule in order to allow each participating member the opportunity to maximize their potential as a hockey player at the high school level and, if it is their individual desire, help prepare them for continued hockey participation beyond their high school careers and accomplish the following objectives.

    The Rockhurst Hockey Club is a member of the Mid America High School Hockey League.

    Contact Mr. Winkeler
  • Human Dignity Club

    This club will look at privilege as it relates to our social responsibility to our community and the world. The group organizes and participates in numerous activities to promote its goals in the school community.

    Contact Mrs. Dougherty
  • Improv Club

    Improv—short for improvisation—is a form of live theater in which all aspects of the performance, including the dialogue, plot, and characters, are made up on the spot and suggestions are often taken from the audience. This club allows us to develop that skill. In short, they play games and have fun!  Its performing troupe is called Stomp Rocket.

    Contact Mr. Anthony McMurray:
  • Interfaith Club

    The interfaith meets with students with Hyman Brand Hebrew Academy, the Islamic Center of Kansas City, and Sion High School to engage in dialogue and community service.  Field trips include visiting other schools, social events, and organizing community and educational projects.

    Contact Mr. Grilliot
  • Intramurals

    Students may participate in this program on a “no cut” basis. Touch football and soccer are offered in the fall, basketball in the winter, and, volleyball in the spring. Intramural games are played during activity period. Intramural faculty basketball and volleyball teams have been known to defeat the student teams with regularity.

    Contact Mr. Pete Campbell or Mr. John Morris

    JESUBOTs stimulate interest in science and technology, as a pathway to professional opportunities in the future.  Students who are engaged with technological activities develop mastery of necessary science skills and applications, while energizing the classroom and having fun!

    Contact Mr. Tim Nendick
  • Joseph of Arimathea Society

    Open to upperclassmen to serve as pallbearers for the homeless and indigent.

    Contact Mr. Ratermann
  • Math Club

    Sponsored by the Math Department, the math club competes locally and regionally in math competitions organized by local universities and host visiting speakers promoting the study and/or appreciate of math.

    Contact Mr. Radosevic
  • Mock Trial Team

    Mock Trial is a legal theatrical game that competes in Metro, Regional, State and National competitions to see who can score the most points.  The currently eight-member team works with a teacher/coach and an attorney/coach on case materials provided by the State Bar Association.  After school practices develop prosecution and defense skills for attorneys & witnesses in opening statements, direct examinations, cross examinations and closing arguments.  Some participants may be interested in pursuing a legal career, but others simply want to play a game based in a courtroom setting while developing leadership and presentation skills.  Season is November through March, with State in April and Nationals in May.

    Contact Mr. Dirk Lawson
  • Model United Nations Club

    The Model UN Club brings students into contact with local, national, and international opportunities with Model United Nation competitions.  Chicago, Philadelphia, Toronto, and Washington D.C. are recent destinations. 

    Model UN simulates the practice of diplomacy, debate, and policy exploration among multiple nations and global organizations to address complex global challenges.  Considering a variety of worldly issues from the past and present, Model UN participants practice research and crtical thinking skills with the very practical skill of written and oral communication.

    Contact Mr. Phil Helt 
  • National Honor Society

    Rockhurst’s Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ, chapter of the National Honor Society is composed of students who have earned the cumulative GPA of 3.5 or above and have completed the NHS admissions process, including an essay, faculty recommendations, and thirty service hours. NHS serves as official hosts and helpers at many Rockhurst events. NHS sponsors the Battle of the Bands, a fundraising effort in support of the Jesuit missions in Central America. NHS also sponsors the in-house Rockhurst tutorial program. Students experiencing academic difficulty may receive tutoring from NHS members. Students become NHS eligible at the end of their sophomore year and inducted members at the end of their junior year.  

    Contact Mr. Jeremy McElduff and Mr. Scott Reagan
  • Ni Hao (Chinese) Club

    The RHS Ni Hao Club is a language and culture club for all students interested in the Chinese language and culture.  Club members plan such events as language practice, homework tutoring, cooking workshops and culture experience (watching Chinese movies and tasting Chinese food).  Also, club members may attend various local events related to Chinese culture, including participation in dragon or lion dancing.  Events include programs such as the Chinese New Year Celebration at Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in January, EEC festival at Swope Park in August, and the Dragon Boat Festival in the Plaza in June..

    Contact Mrs. Shao
  • Outdoors Club

    A group of students who plan and experience a variety of outdoor experiences, from hiking or camping trips to one-day fishing or rock-climbing excursions.  Major trips have included Wrangell-St. Elias national park in Alaska, Badlands-Yellowstone-Grand Teton; the Swiss Alps; the Galapagos Islands; and Machu Picchu. 

    Contact Mr. Luke McLellan
  • Pep Band

    This is a co-curricular ensemble that meets during Activity Period during the school day for the 1st quarter. Pep Band is composed of woodwind, brass, piano, guitar, and bass students from all of the curricular ensembles, but any student who plays any of these instruments is welcome to join. The Pep Band performs at Pep Rallies and Home Varsity Football games during the 1st quarter, and those who are enrolled in a music class are required to attend select football games. Students perform varied Rock and Pop song arrangements for Band.

    Contact Mr. Akagi
  • Pickleball Club

    "Under construction" at the start of 2023, but contact Mr. Chris Bosco ( if interested in learning more. 
  • Photography Club

    The club enables former photography students to continue developing their artful skills and also provides an opportunity for those who have not taken the Photography course.

    Contact Mr. Bosco
  • Prep News

    The official student newspaper, The Prep News, is published monthly during the school year. Its goal is to present information that is accurate, entertaining and thought-provoking. Reporters are members of the Journalism I class and Newspaper I and II classes. All work is done by the students. Students not enrolled in those classes may work on the newspaper as artists and photographers.

    Contact Mr. Scott Hopke
  • Pro-Life Club

    Serves to honor the Catholic Christian tradition of respecting life and defending the helpless.  Focused on the abortion issue, we seek to educate ourselves and others to serve whenever applicable, and to make our interests known to state and national lawmakers.

    Contact Mr. Nickson
  • Regis Club

    The Regis Club seeks to provide students an opportunity to perform community service, as well as fostering relationships between members of the Rockhurst community and between Rockhurst and the broader Kansas City community.  Our activities in recent years have included our monthly trips to the Shalom Catholic Worker House, our annual Toy Drive and Bowling Tournament, and projects at the CCVI center, the Recycling Center, and the Hope Center. 

    The Regis Club is always looking for new members and new ideas for community service.  We seek to help students find ways to get involved in the Rockhurst community, complete their service hours, and learn about the needs of those with whom we share our local community.  Listen to announcements for upcoming activities and meetings.  You are always welcome to participate!

    Contact Mr. McAnany:
  • Rock Collection

    The Rock Collection is the student literary magazine published each year in the spring. Writing and editing of the magazine is done largely in the fall semester with the final stages of production completed in January and February. Any student may submit his original work for publication.

    Contact Dr. Caughron
  • Scholar Bowl Team

    From the 2020-2021 MSHSAA Scholar Bowl Rules Book, "Scholar Bowl can be characterized as competition in which subject matter in multiple academic disciplines is used. This activity features head to head scholar bowl team competition, quick response answers, time limits on questions and use of recognition systems by participants. Note: The current Scholar Bowl disciplines are science, mathematics, social studies, communication arts, fine arts/performing arts, and miscellaneous."

    Contact Dr. Hirner
  • Science Club

    Sponsored by the Science Department, the Science Club exists to provide an introduction to the scientific tools, spaces, and programs at Rockhurst High School with a focus on freshman and sophomore members of our community. Through focused training in activity period classes, short design challenges, and occasional weekend day trips to scientific sites of interest, students will be exposed to out-of-classroom opportunities valuable in both curriculum-based clubs and their future science coursework.  For example, a phase about 3-D printing at Rockhurst will encourage participants to develop skills applicable in clubs such as the Jesubots, the Drone Club, or the Entrepreneur Club.

    Meeting primarily during activity periods. the club is meant to be welcoming and non-imposing to underclassmen, to allow them to ask questions of “What next?” and to be guided to participation in other clubs, courses, and opportunities--or to create new interests to explore further!

    Some members of the Science Club also compete against other high school students in local and regional competitions, including the Rockhurst College Science Olympiad and the Science Knowledge Bowl.

    Contact Mr. Nendick or Mr. Doyle
  • Software Engineering - CyberPatriots Club

    A room where students may gather to work on software projects, meet like-minded individuals with similar interests in software. Gather, plan, serve, and compete. Friends will be made, applications will be built, community service will be delivered, and competitions will be competed in.

    Contact Mr. Clark
  • Sources of Strength

    This is a diverse group of students--known as Peer Leaders--who spread hope, help, and strength across the community as part of an evidenced-backed mental health initiative designed to bring community members to their sources of strength in their lives.  Through various activities, and a whole lot of positivity, peer Leaders connect people to help and strength and lead them towards hope

    Contact Mr. Jon Feder:
  • Spanish Club

    ¡Bienvenidos a la página web del club de español!
     Common Spanish Club Annual Activities
    • Pen Pal letter program with "Instituto Cultural de Tampico,"  a Jesuit school in Tampico Mexico.  Link to I.C.T. in Tampico! 
    • Club T-Shirt Design
    • "Chipotle" Lunch Days
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe Prayer Service
    • "Fiesta" with food & music
    • Language Club Bowling Tournament
    • Spanish Language Mass
    • Visit Hispanic festivals or local exhibits

    Contact Mr. Faulconer
  • Speech & Debate Team

    Students may participate regardless of enrollment in competitive speech and/or debate coursework.  Practices will be held two days a week after school.  

    Contact Mr. Helt
  • St. Joseph's "Men for Mothers" Club

    The St. Joseph "Men for Mothers" Club creates an opportunity for young men to follow and support the works of a gentleman who said, “yes” to service, life, and family.  Our mission is to replicate the works of a man who stood in the shadows doing God’s will, St. Joseph.  

    Rockhurst men celebrate this remarkable individual by planning a table in his honor around his feast day, March 19th.  Building an altar, soliciting donations, and sharing the gifts of the community will generate money, meals, and service while emulating his character. Proceeds and food from the table will benefit a local organization. This endeavor takes several months to plan and execute.  

    In addition to the St. Joseph's Table in March, the club also tries to emulate the life of the saint by regularly supporting other activities in support of mothers and families.

    Meetings are monthly through the month of March.

    Contact Mrs. Antionette Ishmael (

    For more information about this annual tradition, visit
  • Student Diversity Union

    An organization of interested students striving to promote multi-cultural harmony and awareness at Rockhurst.  It serves as an open forum for students' thoughts on diversity, as well as promoting events that encourage cultural understanding and appreciation. 

    Contact Dr. Rinne:
    Read More
  • Student Government Association

    Students may participate in SGA by running for office in the spring and freshmen in late October. Students may participate in planning of events by volunteering to be a part of the Class Committees that are chaired by each of the class presidents. SGA serves as the official representative of the Student Body to the faculty and administration. The SGA acts as a consultant to the faculty and administration concerning all matters of student life. It promotes school spirit and community by acting as a networking organization for student clubs and sponsoring a variety of social and social justice awareness events.

    Freshman Class Moderator: Mrs. Ali Cooper
    Sophomore Class Moderator: Mr. Phil Helt
    Junior Class Moderator: Mr. Patrick Doyle
    Senior Class Moderator: Mrs. Kim Brown

    Contact Mrs. Sarah Dunn
  • Table Tennis (Ping Pong) Club

    This group operates the table tennis tables in the Barry Commons during most activity periods and several days each week after school, along with sponsoring occasional tournaments.  Its objective is to invite students (and faculty/staff) together to enjoy friendly competition, regardless of ability.

    Contact: Mr. Chris Bosco
  • Table-Top Gaming Club

    These students strive to foster friendship and brotherhood through the playing of table top card and board games.  This group meets with the Chess Club in room 305.

    Contact Mr. Arico:
  • Video Game Club

    The goal of the Rockhurst Video Game Club is to establish a gaming community among students that helps support the core values of the Grad-at-Grad document.

    Contact Mr. McLellan
  • Visual Arts Club

    For interested students of the visual arts, this club seeks to deepen awareness of local and regional art exhibitions and offerings and to encourage talented students to continue exploring their own talent and creation of a portfolio of work for submission in area competitions. 

    Contact Mr. Owens:
  • Yearbook Club

    Club members work together to design the annual yearbook.  Members with or without much design experience are welcome, as all will learn the components of how to create a great publication!

    Moderator pending. Contact Mr. Bosco 
  • Yell Leaders Club

    The yell leaders attend selected sporting events to promote school spirit and the leading of the cheering section. Members are seniors who are required to dress in uniform, and to attend a specified number of events, as well as participate in all spirit assemblies and rallies.

    Contact Mr. Dan Shaver ( or Mr. William Linscott (