The Hurtado Scholars Program is an educational and leadership opportunity offered by Rockhurst High School to prepare middle school boys for success at a college preparatory high school and beyond.

Named for St. Alberto Hurtado, SJ, the Hurtado Scholars Program is inspired by a Chilean Jesuit priest who founded homes and offered education to impoverished boys throughout his native country in the mid-20th century.  Canonized in 2005, Fr. Hurtado's life and work as a Jesuit Catholic priest inspire our program's outreach to and accompaniment of young boys seeking opportunities for an excellent Catholic education.

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    Hurtado Scholars Director, Teacher
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    Hurtado Scholars Middle School Director, Teacher
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 370

Bringing Light to Potential

The mission of Hurtado Scholars is to assist boys who have great potential, but for whom a Catholic, college preparatory education may be unattainable.  Hurtado Scholars will receive the training and experiences that enable them to be well prepared for a college preparatory high school.  Hurtado Scholars will:

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  • Develop leadership skills

  • Expand artistic and cultural awareness

  • Grow in Christian faith

  • Improve academic and study skills

  • Participate in sports and activities

  • Prepare for high school admission

Students will attend both the Hurtado summer and academic-year weekly program during their 6-8 grade years.
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