Retreats are an opportunity for our students to step back and reflect on God’s work in their lives. Through prayer, discussion, and other activities they ask Christ, “Lord, when did we see you?” Grounded in the Gospel and our Catholic, Christian faith, the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius are the guiding inspiration for our retreat program. All students participate in our Freshman Retreat, Sophomore Reflection Program, and Junior Kairos Retreat during their first three years at the Rock. Several other retreat options exist for our upperclassmen in addition to their opportunities to serve as student leaders for our underclassman retreats.
Students who miss school while participating in retreats will receive excused absences. They are given time to complete their assignments, according to the school policy. Students should alert teachers of their absence well before the retreat.

For more information about any retreat, please contact Mr. Nickson or Mr. Munoz.