Sophomore Reflection Program

As part of their formation at Rockhurst High School, all sophomore students participate in our Sophomore Reflection program. This program asks each student to reflect on his relationships with God, his family, and his friends. It asks him to consider his strengths, areas for growth, and the graces in his life for which he is thankful. A highlight of the program is the off-campus Day of Reflection held at Rockhurst University in the first week of the second semester. Further reflection and preparation work for this project also occur in a student’s Theology class in the first few weeks of January.

The reflection work that results from this program will culminate in a fifteen-minute presentation that a student will present outside of regular school hours at Rockhurst High School to his parents and two members of the faculty. Presentations occur in late January with parents having the opportunity to sign-up at the end of the first semester for a presentation time-slot.
Please contact Mr. Nickson or Mr. Munoz for more information about the Sophomore Reflection Program.

Attention Sophomore Parents:  All sophomores will participate in the Sophomore Reflection Program during the month of January.  The required Sophomore Day of Reflection will be held at Rockhurst University on Friday, January 8.  Your son will be transported by bus from Rockhurst High School.  As part of the Reflection Program, each sophomore will give his own presentation over the evenings of January 21, 25, 26, 2021.  Parents will be sent a sign up form to select a date and time later this fall.  

List of 2 members.

  • Photo of Matthew Nickson

    Mr. Matthew "Matt" Nickson 

    Director of Pastoral Ministry/Teacher
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 540
  • Photo of Carlos Munoz

    Mr.  Carlos "Carlos" Munoz 

    Assistant Director of Pastoral Ministry/Teacher
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 246