Academic Requirements

Rockhurst provides — and requires — a balanced and traditional curriculum of preparation for college studies. Upon completion, these academic requirements form a solid foundation for a student to excel at the college level and beyond.
Mathematics [eight semesters]
English [eight semesters]
Science [six semesters of laboratory science]
Modern and Classical Languages [four consecutive semesters, same language]
Social Studies [six semesters]
Theology [eight semesters]
Communication Arts [one semester]
Fine Arts & Visual & Performing Arts [one semester]
Computer Science and Engineering [one semester]
Physical Education [one semester]
College Preparatory Electives [12 semesters]
Community Service
 [75 hours (25 per year, freshmen-junior years)] *
* Seniors must successfully complete their Senior Service Project.

Graduation Requirements

The Rockhurst Board of Trustees establishes requirements for graduation in conformance with the Jesuit Schools Network and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Students who successfully complete these requirements will be awarded a Rockhurst High School diploma:
  • Complete 28 credits in the required classes and electives
  • Enroll in at least seven classes each term
  • Take classes in the appropriate sequence (e.g., Biology, then Chemistry, then Physics)
  • Pass all courses taken at Rockhurst High School or remediate any failing grades by completing approved summer courses
  • Take all courses at Rockhurst High School (unless special permission is granted by the Assistant Principal for Academics)

Academic Standing

Rockhurst students must carry a 2.00 or better grade point average (GPA). Students who allow their quarter GPA to drop below a 2.00 will be placed on academic probation. Students who are on academic probation for two consecutive quarters will be placed on the academic ineligibility list.  

Students must pass all subjects taken at Rockhurst High School. Any student who fails a class must file a plan with the Assistant Principal for Academics for retaking the course before the start of the next school year. Failed classes may not be made up at Rockhurst during the regular school year. It is the student's responsibility to provide the school with an official transcript of all make-up work.

Any student with two failures in a given semester is subject to dismissal.  Consideration for dismissal will also be given to students performing below a 2.0 in a semester.  Any student who earns at least three semester failures in a single academic year is required to withdraw from Rockhurst High School.  

Academic Departments

Academic Requirements

A complete description of all academic requirements and policies can be found in the Parent/Student Handbook