Why Sponsor Spectacular?

SPECTACULAR 2023 is in need of generous Sponsors to continue the tradition of providing qualified students with a Rockhurst education, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances. Rockhurst is proud of the thousands of graduates living lives of service and witness to their faith who have benefited from the generosity of our benefactors. Thank you for considering an investment in the lives of young men at Rockhurst High School.
During a special presentation on the night of the auction, Sponsors in each level will be recognized. Your name will be printed in the auction catalog, as well as all the benefits listed here. You can offer the gift of a lifetime to a boy who wants to earn a Catholic education, animated by the Jesuit Vision, by making his dream of a Rockhurst High School experience a reality. Should you choose to be anonymous, we certainly will honor your request.
Please note:
Donors can use their Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) to grant to nonprofits in support of their events, but here are a few things to keep in mind: 
  • Tickets, Tables and Sponsorships 
The full cost to attend events (both the tax-deductible and non-tax-deductible portions) must be paid from a donor’s personal bank account. Any remaining sponsorship costs can be paid for using a DAF, as long as no more than incidental benefits are received by the DAF advisor or donor in return. Logo or name recognition in event materials is not considered a more thanincidental benefit. 
    • Here is an example of what a DAF can pay for at an event: A $5,000 event sponsorship includes a table for 10 and a donor name or logo in event materials. If the lowest ticket price to attend the event is $100, the donor will pay $1,000 for the table personally ($100 × 10 seats at the table) and can use their DAF to cover the remaining $4,000. 
  • Raffles and Auctions
A DAF can be used to support fund-a-need calls for donations at charitable events. DAFs cannot be used to purchase raffle tickets or auction items.
A donor’s financial advisor can help calculate what portion of the event sponsorship can come from their DAF based on the benefits received. If a donor chooses not to accept any more than incidental benefits associated with a sponsorship, the entire amount may be paid through their DAF.

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