Announcing Increased Financial Aid to Meet 100% of Exhibited Financial Need
Rockhurst High School Makes Jesuit Education Accessible for All

Rockhurst's education and personal formation program is a leader in Kansas City.  Our advanced college-preparatory curriculum is robust with dual credit and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, STEAM departments including Robotics, Engineering, Fine and Performing Arts, and Computer Science, and built upon our Jesuit Catholic all-boys program of intellect, faith, service, and brotherhood.  Rockhurst High School proudly dives deeply into its mission of faith and excellence.  You will not find a more geographically nor economically diverse private school in Kansas City than Rockhurst.  Excellence enhanced with financial accessibility is a priority. 

A cornerstone of our mission is to ensure access to top-notch, private, Jesuit education is not limited by a family's financial circumstance. Living our mission, this fall we boldly announce a pioneering initiative that reflects our unwavering commitment to making sure a Rockhurst High School education is within your family’s financial realm. Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, Rockhurst High School will be increasing financial assistance by 15% to $3.1 million. 

By this action we intend to meet 100% of the exhibited financial need of qualifying families so that financial circumstances are not obstacles for a Rockhurst education.  Through this enhanced initiative, we want to ensure all talented and motivated young men have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of a Rockhurst High School education.

The application and need evaluation process takes into account a family's exhibited need as determined through analysis by an independent, third party agency, Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) in conjunction with the Rockhurst High School Financial Aid Office.  If your son is accepted to Rockhurst High School based on his academic portfolio, 100% of your family’s exhibited financial needs will be met. 

We are grateful that the extended Rockhurst community shares this vision.  We invite prospective students and families to embark on this journey of opportunity and growth with our institutional commitment to meet 100% of your exhibited financial need.