Rockhurst High School Makes a Premier Education Affordable for All Families
With Increased Financial Aid to Meet 100% of Exhibited Financial Need

A cornerstone of Rockhurst’s Jesuit mission is to ensure that a family's financial circumstance is not an obstacle to an excellent, private education for their son. We are proud to announce a pioneering initiative that reflects our unwavering commitment to making sure a Rockhurst High School education is affordable for every family. 

Beginning in the 2024-2025 school year, we intend to meet 100% of the exhibited financial needs of qualifying families. To help make Rockhurst High School more affordable for all, we will be increasing financial assistance to $3.1 million. 

Through this enhanced initiative, we want to ensure talented and motivated young men of all financial backgrounds have the opportunity to experience the transformative power of a Rockhurst High School education.

David Laughlin, President, emphasizes, “at Rockhurst High School, we know how to support a young man's development to help him become the best version of himself during high school. Then he is prepared for higher education and leadership beyond college.  We have amazing young men paired with a tremendous faculty and it is our Jesuit mission to help them grow as God intends.  With gratitude to benefactors, we are now aspiring to live more fully into our Jesuit identity by working to admit young men based upon their ability to succeed in our program and not their family's economic circumstances.  In this way, we believe we act in fulfilling our Jesuit Catholic mission in service to our young men and families."

The application and need evaluation process takes into account a family's exhibited need as determined through analysis by an independent, third-party agency, Financial Aid Independent Review (FAIR) in conjunction with the Rockhurst High School Financial Aid Office.  If your son is accepted to Rockhurst High School based on his academic profile, 100% of your family’s exhibited financial needs will be met. 

“The increase in financial aid support allows us to expand access to a Rockhurst High School education and formation experience to any qualifying young man who desires to attend without concern regarding their economic circumstances. With the vision of David Laughlin, President, leadership of our Board of Trustees and support of generous benefactors we are more able to fully “bridge the gap” so that affordability is not a barrier. As a Rockhurst High School alumnus, who would not otherwise have been able to attend Rockhurst without financial aid support, I am both professionally and personally excited about the opportunities that this will bring to a multitude of students throughout the greater Kansas City area to experience the excellence of a Rockhurst High School education” added Allen Roberson, Vice President of Administration/Chief Financial Officer. 

Rockhurst's education and personal formation program is a leader in Kansas City.  Our advanced college-preparatory curriculum is robust with dual credit and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, STEAM departments including Robotics, Engineering, Fine and Performing Arts, and Computer Science, and built upon our Jesuit Catholic all-boys program of intellect, faith, service, and brotherhood.  You will not find a more geographically nor economically diverse private school in Kansas City than Rockhurst High School.