Academic & Service Awards 2020-21

Each academic department is asked to identify those students who have excelled in that particular field of study. Criteria for individual and department awards are determined by the department chairs in consultation with the faculty members of each discipline.

Watch the replay, and see the list of recipients below.

Fine & Performing Arts
Henry Meiners Logan Cook Ethan Carolina
Samuel Nissen Justin Balling Jacob Scharr
Jack Harlan Miles Rivard Sam Terrill
James Reintjes Nick Bertrand Nick Mazzarese
Zach Gamble David Freeman

Communication Arts
Mark Lenz Mason McCall Topher Nelson
Stew Myers Jack January Van Tomasic
Gus Sorenson Jack McAnany Truman Diebold
Esteban Walton-Nuñez Andrew Dunn Hudson Tsevis
Edgar O'Farrell Sam Grilliot Leger Taylor
Townsend Hurt Chris Schaaf

Computer Science, Robotics and Engineering
Ian Morgan Andrew Puthumana Spencer Stordahl
Andrew Boessen Dylan Tarwater Nick Gardner
Topher Nelson Justus Burdick

Adam Hawn Patrick Schumm Braydon Tomasic
Luan Le William Waterman Sean Kueny
Dennis Meyer Wes Roeder Rohan Joseph
Mark O'Donnell Liam Wier Simon Connor
Brendan Franey Angel Becerra Macielo Tshantret
Nathan Nichols Landon Brewer Andrew Puthumana

Jack Jackson Chris McGalliard Simon Connor
Joshua Frerker Sam Nissen Macielo Tshantret

Modern and Classic Languages
Adam Hawn Andrew Puthumana Spencer Brown
Aiden Brown Parker Price Mark Robel
Daly Steinhauser Hudson Bailey Macielo Tshantret
Sam Kanatzar Grant Lockwood Billy McGannon
Ryan Thompson Angel Becerra Alex Boone
Le Tin Jacob Pantaenius Teddy Brewster
Francis Carroll London Lewis Simon Connor
Lukas Pitman Ian Spachman Cade Hintz
Diego Garcia Will Wooden John Tietjen
Liam Wier Sean Kueny Jack Jackson
Jack Hudak Chris McGalliard James Reintjes

Physical Education
Otto Zinn Dawson Williams
Grant Lysaught Charles Gormsen

Evan Malone Logan Cook Andrew Puthumana
Nate D'Alesio Andrew Meyer Macielo Tschantret
Joseph Hane Max Smith Sam Nissen
Maddux Radosevic Joshua Frerker Jack Jackson
Liam Wier Khoa Do

Social Studies
Ian Mulkey Sean Kueny Thomas Kennedy
Braydon Tomasic Mark Robel Chris McGalliard
Evan Verhulst Julian Garcia Roger Garmon
Max Cleveland Brendan Franey

Saint Óscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr, Award    
Thomas Tietjen
Servant of God Matteo Ricci, S.J., Award
Noah Higbie
Reverend Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., Award
Will Hunter
Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.J., Award
Mark Robel

Ignatian Service Awards
Fr. Pedro Arrupe Award    
Jaxson Walker     
Thomas Tietjen

National Merit Program - Class of 2021

National Merit Semifinalists & Finalists     
Joshua Frerker
Braden Schleicher
Thomas Tietjen
Sean Jueny
John Mark Morris
National Merit Commended
James Barry
Alex Boone
Spencer Brown
Roger Garmon
Joseph Hane
Carter Murdock

Advanced Placement Scholars - Class of 2021

Advanced Placement Scholars
Jack Barron
Aidan Callahan    
Vinny Campo
Max Cleveland
Brandon Devero
Roger Garmon
Truman Graham
Joseph Hane
Adam Hawn
Vandoran Huston
Jack Jackson
Ryan Lawlor
Luan Le
Charlie Moseley
Ian Mulkey
Carter Murdock
Steve Nguyen
Mark O'Donnell
Obi Oligbo
Zach Onyszchuk
Aidan Pittman
Pete Rottinghaus
Noah Schmitz    
Jacob Sneed
Advanced Placement Scholars with Honors    
Spencer Brown
Justus Burdick
Ben Connor
Joshua Frerker
Sean Kueny 
Jack Morris
Hayden Parsons
James Reintjes
Braden Schleicher
Joe Seitzer
John Stribling
Braydon Tomasic
Advanced Placed Scholars with Distinction
Alex Boone
Thomas Tietjen

Book Awards

Khoa Do Zach Gamble Nathan Nichols
Will Wooden Brendan Franey Tucker Folscroft
Chris McGalliard Sam Nissen
Ryan Ficklin Johan Joseph

R Awards

Nominated by faculty, staff, and administration, and conferred by the Awards Selection Committee, this award is given to students of all grades who exemplify generosity of spirit and the willingness to put in extra time and effort—far beyond expectations—to help create and support the RHS community.

Jack Barron
Eddie Kuklenski
Atem Akuei
Logan Cook
Ben Connor
Ryan Campbell
Andrew Claasen
Adam Kopulos
Joseph Davis
Zach Gamble
James Donohue
Jagger McCarroll
AJ Frazier
Chris McGallaird
Julian Garcia
Trevor Murphy
Joshua Frerker
Sam Nissen
Frederic Graham
John Paul Rodriguez
Roger Garmon
Leger Taylor
Gabriel Guerra-York 
Van Tomasic
Bobby Hummel
Ryan Thompson
Liam Hayes
Townsend Hurt
Will Wooden
Brian Humphrey
Jack January
Sirus Manjuk-Khoury
Jack Kelly
Maddux Radosevic
Max Cleveland
John Tietjen
Jackson Mayer
Jack McAnany
Sam Muehlebach
Mark O'Donnell
Thompson Penn
Michael Prewitt
James Reintjes    
Miles Rivard
Pete Rottinghaus
Jack Scanlon
Wilson Selzer
Riley Tharp
Thomas Tietjen
Nathan Volcy

The Rockhurst Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement

The recipient of this award is chosen by members of the Senior Class. It is awarded to the student, who they believe, possesses the qualities they hope that others find in them, and having experienced and benefited from this extraordinary devotion to the class and to the school.

The 2021 recipient: Thomas J. Tietjen '21

The Carl G. Kloster, S.J., “Special R” Award

Nominated by the faculty and confirmed by the Graduation Awards Committee, this award is given to a member of the senior class who is also an "R Award" winner. The Kloster Award is conferred upon a graduating senior who embodies the spirit and tradition of Rockhurst High School and is a young man who consistently puts the welfare of his fellow students above his own interests.

The Class of 2021 recipient: Jack K. Scanlon '21

The Jesuit Schools Network Award

Nominated by faculty, staff, and administration, and conferred by the Awards Selection Committee, this award is given to a senior who is considered generous with his talents, dedicated to the Gospel message, and devoted to the Christian ideals as enunciated by the found of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius Loyola, ands who exemplifies the ideal graduate of Jesuit education by being open to growth, intellectually competent, religious, loving, and committed to doing justice.

The Class of 2020 recipient: Adward L. Frazier '21