Academic & Service Awards 2022-23

Each academic department is asked to identify those students who have excelled in that particular field of study. Criteria for individual and department awards are determined by the department chairs in consultation with the faculty members of each discipline.

See the list of recipients below.

Fine & Performing Arts
National School Choral Award Maddux Radosevic
Rockhurst Choral Spirit Award Barrett Brewer
Ignatian Pastoral Music Award Jack Brackett & Henry Bosco
John Phillip Sousa Band Award Joe Westphal
Woody Herman Jazz Improv Award Kurtis Warren
Quincy Jones Award Henry Knutson
Rockhurst Theatre Award Atem Akuei
Rockhurst Dramatics Arts Award David Severns
Theatre Tech Award Trevor Murphy
Visual Arts Award Joey January
Ceramic Arts Award Christian Gale

Communication Arts
Broadcasting Maddux Radsoevic
Photography Tate Scanlon
Graphic Arts Conor Sexton & LaRon Smith
Auto Accounting Kyle Stanley
Public Speaking Andrew Baklanov
Movie Making Henry Yagmin
Newspaper I Mitch Forbes
Newspaper II Lukas Pitman
The Michael and Ilene Drape Journalism Award Maddux Radosevic

Computer Science, Robotics, and Engineering
Object-Oriented Programming Aldric Yang
AP Computer Science A Max Smith
Robotic Engineering I Connor Deady
Robotic Engineering II Max Shankland
John McEniry Innovation Award Benton Diebold
Bernie Kreikemeier and Buddy Worth Award Atem Akuei

English I Joshua Hunt & Skylar Tyson
English II Anderson Mertz & Eli Wilson
English III Thomas Coppinger & Jude Sojka
English IV Julian Garcia & Cristian Solorio
Adv. English I Brendan Ortbals
Adv. English II Jack Brackett
AP English III Andrew Puthumana
AP English IV John Tietjen 

Algebra I Brendan Ortbals
Advanced Algebra I Jacob Kendall
Geometry/Algebra II Elijah Wilson
Advanced Geometry/Algebra II Caleb Bridges
Algebra II/Trig Theodore Brewster
Honors Precalculus  Shiv Patel & Bill Hayes
Intro to College Algebra Julian Garcia
Precalculus Ethan Langle
AP Calculus AB Maddux Radosevic
AP Calculus BC Elias Manis
Multivariable Calculus Macielo Tschantret
AP Statistics Thomas Kennedy

Modern and Classical Languages
Mandarin Chinese I Calvin Schieffer
Mandarin Chinese II Samuel Reintjes & Aldric Yang
Honors Mandarin Chinese III Theodore Brewster
Honors Mandarin Chinese IV Simon Connor & Matthew Kelly
Honors Mandarin Chinese V John Tietjen
French I Landon Christopher
French II CJ Anderson
Honors French III Sawyer Cook & Owen Cooper
AP French IV Ethan Schaefer
Honors Greek I Michael Waller
Latin I Brady Fox
Latin II Connor Deady
Honors Latin III Jack Houlehan
AP Latin IV Freddie Graham & Maddux Radosevic
Spanish I Henry Coppinger & Caleb McNamara
Advanced Spanish I Max Moylan
Spanish II Asher Higgins & Patrick Sanders
Advanced Spanish II Jack Brackett & Tomas Paredes
Spanish III Thomas Coppinger
Honors Spanish III Andrew Puthumana
Spanish IV Connor Boulware
Honors Spanish IV Caleb Dawson & Joseph Staker

Physical Education
Freshman Mickey Jones
Sophomore Landon Lobaugh
Junior David Bernal
Senior Drew Hane

Astronomy Dennis Colombo
Biology Josh Battison
Honors Biology Cooper Clift
AP Biology Thomas Kennedy
AP Environmental Science Rohan Joseph
Chemistry Logan Frank
Honors Chemistry Caleb Bridges & Bill Hayes
College Chemistry Aldric Yang
AP Chemistry Andrew Puthumana & Macielo Tschantret
AP Environmental Science Wes Roeder
Geology Carver Lawson
Human Physiology Dallas Dietsch
Meteorology Hudson Kuechler
Physics Landon Brewer
Honors Physics Macielo Tschantret
AP Physics Grant Anielak

Social Studies
Ancient Civilizations Johan Ignatius
Modern World History Zio Collins
AP Modern World History Kevin McConville
U.S. History Macielo Tschantret
AP U.S. History Dennis Colombo
U.S. Government Dallas Dietsch
AP U.S. Government Lukas Pitman
AP Comparative Government & Politics Freddy Andersson
African American Studies Conor Sexton
Business Law Matthew Coxe
Philip Lester Economics
Kansas City History Logan Cook
Latin American Studies Simon Connor

Saint Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, S.J., Award Sebastian Jara-Bobe
Reverend Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., Award Kevin McConville
Servant of God Matteo Ricci, S.J., Award David Severens
Saint Óscar Romero, Bishop and Martyr, Award     Maddux Radosevic 

Advanced Placement Scholars - Class of 2023

Simon Connor Matthew McLeese Michael Saluzzi
Benton Diebold Ian Morgan Cristian Solorio
Johnathon Forbush Sirius Munjak-Khoury Joseph Staker
Caden Francois John Olson Theodore Sumner
Gabriel Guerra-York Charles Perricelli John Switzer
Drew Hane George Rebman Macielo Tschantret
John Henninger Oliver Reinhardt August Thompson
Philip Lester Wesley Roeder Brant Willis
Charlie Mandacina

Advanced Placement Scholars with Honor - Class of 2023

James Donohue Brian Humphrey Brendan Lillis
Frederic Graham Thomas Kennedy Charles Lundstrom
Charles Hembree

Advanced Placement Scholars with Distinction - Class of 2023

Dallas Dietsch Lukas Pitman Maxwell Smith
Charles Pace Ben Russell John Tietjen

National Merit Commended Students

Grant Anielak Brian Humphrey Nolan Shaw
Simon Connor Charles Pace John Tietjen
Dallas Dietsch Charles Perricelli Joseph Torrey
Frederic Graham Lukas Pitman

National Merit Semifinalists & Finalists

James Donohue Wesley Roeder
Thomas Kennedy Maxwell Smith
Charles Lundstrom

Book Awards

Brant Willis David Severns Angel Becerra
Andrew Puthumana Logan Cook Trevor Murphy
Macielo Tschantret Frederik Andersson

R Awards

Nominated by faculty, staff, and administration, and conferred by the Awards Selection Committee, this award is given to students of all grades who exemplify generosity of spirit and the willingness to put in extra time and effort—far beyond expectations—to help create and support the RHS community.

Evan Agnotti Sam Grilliot Tristan Manning Ben Russell
Atem Akuei Gabriel Guerra-York Matthew McLeese Max Shankland
Jimmy Cascone Joseph Hausman AJ Murphy Maxwell Smith
George Cusick Liam Hayes Brock Narciso Joseph Staker
James Donohue Brian Humphrey Patrick O'Farrell August Thompson
Andrew Dunn Thomas Kennedy John Olson John Tietjen
Johnathon Forbush Brendan Lillis Charlie Perricelli Landon Tolbert
Connor Gaarder Andrew Maldonado Lukas Pitman Daniel Vasquez
Christian Gale Charlie Mandacina Maddux Radosevic Vincent Wiegman
Julian Garcia

Brady Brown Matthew Koehler Aidan O'Donnell
Dennis Colombo Adam Kopulos Andrew Puthumana
Logan Cook Hudson Kuechler Eli Rourke
Owen Cooper Elliott Korentager Graham Schaaf
Gio DePalma Carver Lawson Jude Sojka
Kiernan Donohue Jagger McCarroll Thomas Sonnenberg
Jack Houlehan Drew McGalliard Bennett Thomas
Chris Jones Trevor Murphy Brant Willis

Henry Becker Luke Kuechler
Henry Bosco Owen Lundstrom
Jack Brackett Pete Mandacina
Jabari Cambridge Carter Middleton
John Giocondo Aldric Yang
Jeb Koetting

Mohamed Abdalla Henry Coppinger
Bahar Ahmed Brendan Ortbals
Charlie Bernstein Joe Pitzl
Landon Christopher Flavio Rubio
Liam Conway

Fr. Pedro Arrupe Award

Freshman Ezequiel Hernandez-Sandoval
Senior Julian Garcia

The Jesuit Schools Network Award

The Jesuit Schools Network (or JSN) annually recognizes a member of the graduating class in each of the 60 Jesuit Secondary member schools in the United States and Central America. Nominations for this award are solicited from the faculty, and the Graduation Awards Committee confers the faculty recommendation. The JSN Award is presented to a deserving senior who best represents the ideals of the graduate of a Jesuit High School at the time of graduation. The recipient of the award shall be a young man who is generous with his talents, dedicated to the Gospel message, and devoted to the Christian ideals as enunciated by the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius Loyola.

The Class of 2023 recipient: Maddux J. Radosevic

The Carl G. Kloster, S.J., “Special R” Award

The Carl G. Kloster, S.J. Award was originally known as the “Special R Award”. It was renamed in 1975 to honor Rev. Carl G. Kloster, S.J. who served as principal of Rockhurst High School from 1954 to 1972. Father Kloster also served as president from 1968 until 1975.  The Kloster Award recipient is nominated by the faculty and confirmed by the Graduation Awards Committee and is given to a member of the senior class who is also an “R Award” winner.  The Kloster Award is conferred upon a graduating senior who embodies the spirit and tradition of Rockhurst High school and is a young man who consistently puts the welfare of his fellow students above his own interests. This award honors a student who is distinguished by his work ethic, excellence in conduct, and outstanding devotion to the school through service to classmates. 

The Class of 2023 recipient: Brock B. Narciso

The Rockhurst Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement

Each year, the senior class chooses one of its own as the recipient of the Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement. The citation for this award reads: 
“recognizing the possession of qualities we hope that others find in us, and having experienced and benefited from his extraordinary devotion to our class and to our school, we, the members of the Class of 2023 proudly award the Rockhurst High School Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement.”

The 2023 recipient: Brian A. Humphrey