The Dean of Rockhurst High School is responsible for ensuring students uphold and abide by the standards of conduct outlined in the Grad at Graduation (“Grad @ Grad”) profile, as well as the everyday policies of the school.

Self-discipline is an essential characteristic of a Rockhurst graduate. However, this trait is rarely developed in young men overnight. Over the course of their years at Rockhurst, students may experience lapses in judgment or not realize the consequences of their actions. In these cases, however major or minor, the school believes disciplinary action plays an important role in a student’s personal growth and social development.

Rooted in Gospel values, the discipline process is designed to provide immediate, consistent and logical consequences, the kind that helps students realize they have positive control over their actions, and in a broader sense, their lives. 

Department Contacts

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  • Photo of Matthew Darby

    Mr. Matthew "Matt" Darby 

    Assistant Principal - Dean of Students
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 527
  • Photo of Maxwell Magee

    Mr. Maxwell "Max" Magee 

    Assistant Dean of Students/SGA Moderator
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 541
  • Photo of Jean Pryor

    Mrs. Jean Pryor 

    Assistant to the Dean of Students
    (816) 363-2036 Ext 528