Life at The Rock

Work hard. Play hard. Pray hard. If it’s possible to describe the Rockhurst experience in just six words, these sum it up best. For more than 100 years, Rockhurst High School has been a place where boys become young men, with minds, bodies and souls prepared for the challenges of college and life beyond.

Men for Others

Rockhurst challenges students with a rigorous academic program in the classical Jesuit tradition. Today, that tradition continues through a comprehensive study of the liberal arts and a strong commitment to the Jesuit mission of service to the church and community. Here, we strive to develop “men for others”, men distinguished by their competence, conscience and compassion.  

Walk the Rock

Ask our students or thousands of alumni across the country. Talk to parents, faculty, or anyone with a connection to Rockhurst. There’s something different about this place. Something beyond academic, art, athletic, spiritual, personal and social achievement. It’s an environment where young men learn to reach for the best in themselves and bring out the best in others. It’s a place where lifelong friendships are begun. In Kansas City or throughout the United States and abroad, Rockhurst alumni enjoy a powerful connection and a network that can open doors in all walks of life.