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The BYOiPad program seeks to increase student learning by ensuring that every student and teacher in every classroom have an internet-connected iPad. By requiring every student to have an iPad in class, Rockhurst is committing to teaching students the skills necessary to be successful in the 21st century. Students need technology to access, evaluate, and use.

Today’s students will enter a job market that is global, rich in communication, and ever changing. Therefore, today’s students need to be creative, critical thinking, communicative, and collaborative. We believe an iPad in every student’s hands helps up impart these skills while maintaining the values that have made Jesuit education relevant for over four hundred years. The principles of a Rockhurst education remain the same; only the particulars change.


If you currently own an iPad Air 2 or newer, you do not need to purchase an iPad. If you need to purchase a new iPad, any iPad currently sold at will suffice: iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, or iPad Mini 4 with at least 32 GB of storage. Wi-Fi will be provided in the building, so a cellular data plan is not necessary. 


A sturdy case, insurance plan, stylus, bluetooth keyboard, and earbuds are recommended. You are free to shop around for the best deals on such accessories. Remember, the iPad is a classroom material so bring it to school fully charged, updated, and ready to use everyday.


Parents/students may purchase the iPad directly from Apple or other third-party seller. The decision to give students ownership of the iPad allows students and families to utilize Apple’s reputable customer service and continue his educational use of the iPad into college. Due to Apple’s restrictions on reselling its products and the limited discount from bulk purchasing, Rockhurst does not sell iPads.

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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.”