School Apparel Ordering Information

1) For your convenience, Rockhurst Apparel is primarily ordered online and there will be limited availability in the Rock Shop.

2) The new Rock Shop Webstore will be open on various order cycles throughout the school year. The current order windows are:

AUGUST 2022:

Webstore open: August 17, 2022 - August 24, 2022
Estimated delivery: Week of September 26th, 2022


Webstore open: October 1, 2022 – October 12th, 2022
Estimated delivery: Week of November 14th, 2022

CHRISTMAS ONLINE SALE 2022 (Dates to be Determined)

Webstore open: November 1st, 2022 – November 13th, 2022
Estimated delivery: Week of December 12th, 2022

3) For questions about your online Rock Shop order, simply email Tom Maloney at or call 816-210-1807 (cell) or email Jane Rowe at

Key things to look for while shopping in the online stores:

1) Each store’s homepage - lots of good info!

2) Deadline Date - this is the date and time the online store will close.

3) Measurement charts – to help with sizes, click on the item to access the chart.

Order Fulfillment Timeline:

1) After the online store you ordered from closes (see “Deadline” on that store’s homepage), we will order in your items to be customized with Rockhurst decoration. This process usually takes 15-20 business days.

2) Orders are not processed while a store is open. Orders are only processed AFTER the online store closes. The apparel items are then batch-ordered. You will be informed about any key developments regarding your order.

3) All items are custom-made to order; no returns. Please be sure and check the measurement charts to help you with your order. Expected order fulfillment is 15-20 business days AFTER the store closes.


1) A receipt for your order will be sent to the email address input for that order. It will include an estimated timeframe for delivery of your order.

2) BPS will coordinate a pick-up day with Rockhurst; you’ll receive an email when your order is ready for pickup at the school. Orders will be available for pick-up in the Rock Shop. Hours for the Rock Shop will be publicized and communicated.

3) With questions about your Rock Shop order, contact: Tom Maloney at or call 816-210-1807 (cell) or email Jane Rowe at

Rock Shop Dates & Hours

August 11th and 12th: 
10 AM-12 PM
August 15th: 3-4 PM
August 16th: 12-1 PM
August 17th - September 2nd:  2:30-3:30 PM