Alumni Recognized for Service to Others

The Rockhurst High School National Alumni Association selected the recipients of the two Alumni Awards for 2023. In an email to all alumni on Aug. 2, 2023, Meredith Suarez, Director of Alumni Engagement, wrote:

We are proud of our long-standing tradition to celebrate the achievements of our alumni and their commitment to serving others. While students, Rockhurst alumni learned to develop themselves as men of competence, conscience, and compassion, and the imprint they make on communities, businesses, and families truly makes a difference.

It is with great pride that we announce our 2023 alumni award recipients, Dr. Kevin Cummings '73, Alumnus of the Year, and Mr. Max Kaniger '09, Emerging Hawklet.

The Alumnus of the Year recognizes an alumnus who honors the spirit, mission, and vision of the Society of Jesus through his dedication to be a "man for others" with continuing service to Rockhurst High School and the community by making significant contributions of time, talent, and treasure.

New in 2023, the inaugural Emerging Hawklet Award celebrates the outstanding achievements of a young alumnus who has created meaningful impact through exceptional leadership, service to others, or a commitment to excellence. 

"Recognizing these two men among our alumni, and for our 100-plus years in the Jesuit tradition, we are humbled to see men like Kevin and Max living out their call to be these 'men for others'," reflected David Laughlin, Rockhurst High School President. "And I am even more heartened that their fellow alumni recognize in them the values we aspire to at Rockhurst in presenting them these awards."

Dr. Cummings and Mr. Kaniger will be celebrated throughout the fall, beginning with the Alumni Reunion Celebration and Hawklet Home Football Game on Friday, September 8, at the Homecoming Mass on September 26, and at the Fr. Mario Puricelli, SJ, Alumni Spaghetti Dinner on November 2. We invite you to join us at these alumni gatherings.

"It's difficult to imagine a man who has humbly served others more genuinely than Kevin Cummings," shared Pat McInerney '82, President of the Rockhurst High School Board of Governors. "Though he has labored and never sought reward, we are honored this year to recognize Kevin and to see for ourselves a 'man for others' in real time.

McInerney also shared his excitement for the Emerging Hawklet honoree, Max Kaniger. "Max's mission is extraordinary. His design of innovative food delivery systems and his focus on healthy choices for some of our poorest neighborhoods is a model for service to others."

Please join us in celebrating these outstanding individuals and their deep commitment to helping and serving as "men for others" in our community. To learn more about these remarkable alumni, please click here for Dr. Cummings and click here for Mr. Kaniger.