Rockhurst Celebrates Black History Month

Rockhurst is appreciative to several African American alums who have gave their time to return to campus in February to speak with sections of the freshman class. This is part of a the school's efforts to celebrate Black History Month among the community.
Hamilton Terrell '83, Emmet Pierson '84, Merle Gardner '87, Ivan Nugent '99, Steve Redmond '04, Zach Shelton '04, Spencer Hardwich '07, and Cornell Ellis '08 all shared messages of how their experiences at Rockhurst helped lead them to be the successful men that they are today.
You can watch the rebroadcast of Emmet Pierson '84 and Merle Gardner '87 here.
Rockhurst also hosted a faculty panel to speak about their perspectives as Black men and women. This panel included Greg Buckman, Dirk Lawson, AJ Taylor '16, Judy Diamond, Allen Roberson '84, and Billy Thomas. You can watch that rebroadcast here.
Rockhurst High School continues to work to make its community ethnically and socio-economically diverse. For the current school year, 20% of the student body are self-identified as students of minority racial backgrounds.