Engineering Students Construct Halloween Costumes

Engineering students at Rockhurst High School constructed Halloween costumes for wheelchair-bound children for the third consecutive year.  Rockhurst partners with Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes, which works to provide these children with amazing costumes that fit over their wheelchairs, free of charge.
Students in Engineering 2 collaborated to design and construct Cinderella’s carriage for five year-old Zoe and a Morgana Bus from Persona 5 for nine year-old Sage.  They spent several weeks of class time and personal free time to complete the costumes.
“Seeing Zoe that happy when we presented her with the carriage was a great feeling,” said David King ’20.  “Our group spent a lot of time designing, measuring and constructing and we’re proud that she liked it.”
The costumes were initially presented to Zoe and Sage on Oct. 10 to ensure that they were compatible with their wheelchairs.  They were officially revealed at Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes’ Twisted Halloween Party on Oct. 12 at the Independence Center, during which 12 children received their Halloween creations.