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IT IS NOT TOO LATE!  Our scheduled Shadow Visit Days are over but your son can still Shadow Visit Rockhurst!  Call the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, 816-363-2036, x557 and ask for Julie Loehr to schedule a date!

Eighth-grade students and transfer students are invited to spend a day at Rockhurst.  This is a great way for an interested student to experience a day in the life of a student at Rockhurst High School!

Eighth graders in the Visit Program accompany one of our freshmen through his daily schedule of classes. Transfers in the Visit Program accompany a student of the same grade.  Lunch is on us!  The hours are 7:50 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. on regular days or 8:50 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. on late-start days.

Please click here to sign up for a Shadow Visit Day!

Here are some comments by the eighth grade students about their day at The Rock:

"I felt like I was already a student at the school."
"I was most impressed with the coordination between students, teachers and iPads."
"Every student seemed to want me to join Rockhurst because it is a great school."
"The teachers were very intelligent and taught in a fun way."
"The classroom environment was a mix between fun and learning."
"I was most impressed with how considerate students were to me."

"My ambassador was very helpful, funny and answered all of my questions."
"Everyone was super friendly and would say hello to me, and that made me feel welcome."
"I was so impressed with how close all of the students and teachers are here."

Visit Program Dress Code

We ask that all visitors comply with our dress code, which is a collared shirt, nice slacks (no jeans or cargo pants, khakis are fine) and tennis shoes. No hooded sweatshirts or full zip sweaters or jackets are allowed to be worn during the day.  Quarter-zip sweaters or pullovers are acceptable.

Where to Meet

All visitors are asked to meet outside of the Office of Admission and Financial Aid, which is located just east of the chapel.  We encourage you to use the entrance known as the circle drive, the most southern driveway, off of State Line Road. Please have your son bring a book to read in case his Ambassador has a test in one of his classes.

More detailed information will be sent to you the week of your son's visit or the week before.  In the meantime, If you have any questions, contact Julie Loehr,

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