Every student and teacher at Rockhurst has a Google Apps for Education account with an email address, calendar, and cloud storage. Google Drive cloud storage is unlimited for education accounts. GAFE is an important tool for fostering creativity and collaboration with apps such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students are encouraged to download the primary Google apps to their iPads: Chrome, Gmail, Drive, Classroom, Docs, Slides, and Sheets.


Staying organized is a critical component to being successful in secondary and post-secondary education. myHomework is a digital planner that empowers our students harness the power of organization. myHomework works on any device with apps on most platforms. Each student gets a customizable digital planner loaded with content unique to our school. Parents can also access myHomework to help their son learn to manage his workload.


Rockhurst uses Google Classroom as our primary learning management system. Google Classroom helps students and teachers manage their Google Drive by making sure the right files get shared with the correct teacher. Students can easily upload assignments directly to teacher's classes. Work shared with teachers can be quickly assessed and returned to students in real time, not just the next time class meets. Students check for assignments on myHomework, but they upload them to Classroom.


Since going 1:1 with iPads teachers have taken initiative to harness technology for learning. As a result, 90% of our courses use digital textbooks or no textbooks at all (in favor the many resources available online and in apps). Digital textbooks are so much more than a traditional paperback. They offer additional resources and practice to make sure each student has the tools they need to learn. 


Notability is an iOS app that enhances traditional notetaking. Students can type and handwrite notes with the ability to quickly move and manipulate information. This empowers students to take quality, organized notes. Furthermore, Notability can be setup to backup all notes to Google Drive, ensuring that a note will never be lost. Download Notability from the Self-Service app after registering the iPad.


JAMF Casper Suite powers our iPad management. It helps us ensure every student has a device that is ready for learning in the classroom on day one. From JAMF, we push important apps, some textbooks, and make sure each student has access to the website we use most at Rockhurst.


Our computer labs are powered with 13" MacBook Pro's. Each MacBook dual boots OSX and Windows operating systems so students are not limited in the coding languages they can learn. If the iPad cannot perform a function necessary for a project, students should see Mr. Clark or Mr. Derrington to find a time to use a Mac in one of the labs. Macbooks are not to leave the room.


On the occasion that a student needs to make a copy or print something for a class, the learning commons has a copy machine he can use. When printing, please consider the environmental impact of the ink and paper being used. Students can print directly from the iPad when it is connected to the AMDG WiFi network. 


The Annex hosts our newly renovated maker space. The maker space has a video production studio with green screen, a photography dark room, and plenty of space for students to work robotics and other learning projects. 

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“Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational.”