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Freshman Seminar and Freshman Small Group

Freshmen are reminded that they begin their Freshman Small Groups and Freshman Seminars starting today and tomorrow.  Freshman, if you are looking at a paper copy of your schedule sent in the summer, you might not see your small group and seminar classes.  Please visit the Counseling Office in the Barry Commons if you need a new schedule.  

Video Game Club

Calling all gamers!  There will be a Video Game Club meeting in Room 315 during Activity Period.

Album Club in 301 during activity period

Dig music? Come to Album Club in room 301 (NW corner of building) during activity period on Friday. We discuss our favorite bands, records and playlists.

Patriotism Club Meeting

The first Patriotism club meeting for the 2017-2018 school year will be held in Makerspace 3 on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.

Improv Club

Looking for a fun place to go during Activity Period? Join us in the Pozzo theatre for Improv Club and play some games! We would love to have you!


Auditions for Talley's Folly are next Wednesday at 3:30pm! They will be in the Pozzo Theatre and will consist of readings from the script. See the website under Performing Arts and theatre for information on other upcoming auditions! 

Chess Club

Chess is played in room 104 during Activity Periods and after school every day.  All levels of players, from beginner to genius are welcome.

Video Game Club

Anyone interested in Video Game Club should come to our first meeting in Room 307 today during Activity Period.

Juggling Club in 312 during Activity period.

Members of the juggling club should meet in 312 today to discuss planning for the upcoming Juggling Festival.

Outdoors Club Meeting

Anyone interested in camping, hiking, fishing, or any other outdoor activity should attend the Outdoors Club's first meeting in Room 309 today during Activity Period.  All are welcome!

Afternoon Examens

As part of the new schedule, our community will pray the Examen each afternoon.  This is a time for quiet prayer.  It is not a time to move or talk.  Thank you for your cooperation and taking advantage of this moment with our Lord.


This Monday, August 21st, all of the United States will experience either a partial or total solar eclipse.  Rockhurst High School will observe this rare astronomical event by going to our football stadium to experience the eclipse.  The Astronomy Club will furnish each member of the community with eclipse glasses so you can safely experience this phenomenon.  More details to come later, so keep an eye on your email.  

Student schedules

Students:  For those of you that may have schedule changes, the newest version of your schedule will be in NetClassroom.  Please see your counselor if you have an issue.

Locker Rooms

The locker rooms are to be used for students who have PE class or who are on a sports team. The locker rooms are not to be used in the morning though until 7:45am. Before 7:45am is when they get cleaned. And you don't want them to not get cleaned.

The Locker rooms are not an area to use as a hang-out spot. Do not direct yourself to the locker room during your self directed time.

Contact Department

Kevin Campbell
Director of Information Services
Phone: (816) 363-2036 x572


Weekly News

On the afternoon of Aug. 21st, Rockhurst High School will observe the solar eclipse together as a school community from the football stadium.  The event is hosted by the RHS Astronomy Club, which will be supplying solar eclipse glasses for all members of the Rockhurst community.  There will be a prelection prior to the event in each class to allow students the opportunity to understand the science and significance behind this rare event.  

All Sports Program ad sales have an extended deadline. Ads will be accepted through Friday, Aug. 18. If you have any questions, please email

Student iPad information: If you currently own a fourth generation iPad or newer, you do not need to purchase an iPad. Just beware that your son will have to carefully manage his storage and the iPad may not last all four years. If you need to purchase an iPad, we recommend an iPad Pro, iPad, or iPad Mini 4 with at least 32 GB of storage. Wi-Fi will be provided in the building, so a cellular data plan is not necessary. Additionally, we recommend a sturdy case, insurance plan, and a Bluetooth keyboard. More FAQs here.

Key Calendar Dates for the 2017-18 academic school year can be found here.

RockAlerts by TextCaster information is available here.

ACCP Credit for Rockhurst University information in Modern Languages courses can be found here.  Students whose GPAs range from 2.5 to 2.99 may register with a permission form here.

The Rockhurst Weather Station results can be monitored here.

The Parent Volunteer Form is available here.

Varsity Fall Sports Schedule
Cross Country - 8/19 Blue/White/Red Intrasquad @ 8am, Lake Jacomo
Football - 8/19 Columbia Rock Bridge @ 1pm, Battle High School
Soccer - 8/18 Pembroke Hill @ 4:30pm, Pembroke
Swim & Dive - 8/26 South Rock Invite @ 8am, Blue Springs Family YMCA



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