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Rock Collection Club

Today: Wednesday. Activity Period.  Room 313.  Bring pen and paper.  Morning Pages will be brought up.  Doughnuts may also be involved.

"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up." - Pablo Picasso


Mr. Buckman's 5th period study hall today

Mr. Buckman's 5th period study hall ~~  please report directly to the Principal's Conference Room today, Wednesday, Oct. 18.  Attendance will be taken.


Ambassadors, Mrs. Hall put out a late request for Ambassadors tomorrow. Please check your emails.  THANKS

Sr. Service Contracts

Seniors.  This will be your last announcement.  Senior Service Contracts are due on October 31st.  Two weeks out.  Call today! 

Robotics Team Meeting

There will a mandatory robotics meeting This Wednesday (tomorrow) during activity period.  Coach Wilcox will be taking role.

Sign Up today to meet with any University of choice!

Attention all Juniors and Seniors: 

We have a few more weeks remaining this semester where you can meet with the representative of any college representative visiting this "Fall"  Please sign up today in College Counseling if you are interested in learning more about:

Pepperdine,   University of Tulsa,    Creighton,    Haverford University,  Savannah College of Arts & Design,   University of Kansas,   Baker University,   Marquette,   Trinity College-Dublin,   Regis,  and   Rice University ~ to name but a few.


Altar Server Training

Attention all students. You are invited to become an altar server and come to the training today in the chapel at Activity Period.  Please consider joining.

Wrestling Meeting Wednesday October 18

Anyone planning to wrestle this year must attend an organizational meeting during activity period Wednesday, October 18.  The meeting will be in room 327 and last most of the activity period.  Be prompt!

Patriotim Club Members

Patriotism club members please turn in your forms for the VA visit today! Thank you.

Sophomore Football

Sophomore football team meet in room 221 right after school

Human Dignity Club

The Human Dignity Club will meet today in room 310.

Basketball Conditioning

Any fall sport athlete that has finished their fall sport season can participate in the Pre-Season Basketball Conditioning Activities today after school starting at 3:30pm in the Loyola Center, as well as this Wednesday and Thursday.  

Pro Life Trip

Attention students!  Spots are filling up quickly for the March for Life in DC.  Mr. Nickson sent you an email last week and it's already half way full.  Get to it soon if you hope to go.  Talk with Mr. Nickson if you have any questions.

Doors and security

As a reminder, the only doors that can be used for entrance during the school day are the main office doors at the state line entrance. Nobody should be entering the building, during school hours, through any door other than the main office (state line) doors. Entering from other doors or letting someone in through other doors will result in JUG. This if for school safety. This is for your safety. Thank you for following the rules.

No student pick up in front circle

This is a reminder that there is no student pick up or drop off at the front circle or in the south parking lot. All students being picked up or dropped off must do so at the Barry Commons entrance.


Health and Wellness Drug and Alcohol Testing Emails

This a general reminder to all students of the importance to checking your email inbox throughout each day. 

Appointments for students randomly selected to conduct a Health and Wellness drug and alcohol hair test will receive their email appointments in the morning of each testing day.  This email acts as the pass to be shown to the teacher to be excused from class if the appointment is during a class time.

Please contact Mr. Bosco if you have any questions.

Afternoon Examens

As part of the new schedule, our community will pray the Examen each afternoon.  This is a time for quiet prayer.  It is not a time to move or talk.  Thank you for your cooperation and taking advantage of this moment with our Lord.

Locker Rooms

The locker rooms are to be used for students who have PE class or who are on a sports team. The locker rooms are not to be used in the morning though until 7:45am. Before 7:45am is when they get cleaned. And you don't want them to not get cleaned.

The Locker rooms are not an area to use as a hang-out spot. Do not direct yourself to the locker room during your self directed time.

Contact Department

Kevin Campbell
Director of Information Services
Phone: (816) 363-2036 x572


Weekly News

The Rockhurst Open House is on Sunday, Oct. 29 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. All students and families who have begun, or are beginning, the high school search are welcome. More information here.

RockAlerts by TextCaster information is available here.

The extension number for the attendance line has changed. Please use the extension number 256 to report an absence or tardy for your son.

Key Calendar Dates for the 2017-18 academic school year can be found here.

ACCP Credit for Rockhurst University courses can be found here.  Students whose GPAs range from 2.5 to 2.99 may register with a permission form here.

The Rockhurst Weather Station results can be monitored here.

The Parent Volunteer Form is available here.

Varsity Fall Sports Schedule
Cross Country - 10/21 Districts @ TBA
Football - 10/20 Districts vs. Lee's Summit North @ 7pm, Rock 
Soccer - 10/17 St. James @ 6:30pm, Rock
10/18 Jeff City @ 4:30pm, 179 Soccer Park
Swim & Dive - 10/24-26 ILCs @ Central High School 



(CLICK HERE To View The Entire Calendar)

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