Spirit Contest

2015-16 Spirit Contest

The Spirit Contest consists of 3 areas with the distribution of points from events below.


  • Color Wars
    • 1st place - 2 points, 2nd place - 1 point
    • Fr. - green, Soph. - red, Jr. - white, Sr. - blue
  • Spirit Shirt Days (3)
    • 1st place - 4 points
    • 2nd place - 2 points
  • Attendance Events (5 as a goal)
    • 1st place - 3 points
    • 2nd place - 2 points
    • 3rd place - 1 point

Mission Week

  • Penny Wars: Monday - Wednesday
    • 1st place - earns 2 spaces at the board game
    • Penny totals after silver deductions will go to respective classes
    • Silver totals will go to the Mission Week total
  • Board Game
    • Places are determined by money raised
    • To gain more spaces, classes must raise more money each step
    • Board Game winner is also the winner of Mission Week
      • 0 spaces: $4000, 1 space: $5,000, 2 spaces: $6,500, 3 spaces: $8,500, 4 spaces: $11,000, 5 spaces: $14,500
      • 1st place - 16 points
      • 2nd place - 10 points
      • 3rd place - 6 points
      • 4th place - 2 points


  • Pep Ralliers Challenges 
    • Class must win challenge at pep rally 
      • 1st place - 4 points
      • 2nd place - 2 points
      • 3rd place - 1 point
  • Miscellaneous Challenges (Minute To Win It)
    • 4 events
      • 1st place - 3 points
      • 2nd place - 2 points 

The Spirit Contest is designed to foster school spirit throughout the school. Over the course of the school year, each class will compete in different events to earn spirit points. At the end of the school year, whichever class has earned the most spirit points will be rewarded with a day out of school on Monday, April 18, 2016.  The Spirit Contest tests each class in three areas: Spirit, Missions, and Challenges.  The following explains each event.

I.               SPIRIT                                                                                                                                                                               

Color Wars  

                  The color wars contest occurs once per quarter (4) at the beginning of each quarter. Each class is to wear a pre-designated color, determined by the Spirit Contest Chair(s). This year’s colors are Freshmen, green; Sophomores, red; Juniors, white; Seniors, blue. In order for a shirt to be counted, 50% or more of the shirt must be the class’s assigned color. The class with the highest percentage of students wearing its color wins 2 spirit points, the second place 1 spirit point.                                        

Spirit Shirt Days (3)                

The Spirit Shirt contest occurs three times over the academic school year.  The entire student body is supposed to wear ANY Rockhurst Shirt (i.e. Spirit Shirts, RHS t-shirts, Rockhurst ¼ zips, Rockhurst Polos, etc.). All other dress code guidelines apply other than the shirt.  On the Spirit Shirt Day each homeroom teacher will take a count of all students in spirit wear; the count is then given to SGA. The class with the highest percentage of students wearing spirit wear will earn 4 spirit points. The class with the second highest percentage of students wearing spirit wear will earn 2 spirit points.              

Attendance Events (5)

Attendance events occur five times throughout the school year. Attendance Events are meant to promote student participation and support for various programs. At attendance events Students will be required to check in with SGA personnel at a selected time. The class with the highest attendance will earn three spirit points, the second highest attendance two spirit points, and the third, one spirit point.  After the final attendance event of the contest, one attendance event will be randomly selected to be factored by a multiplier of 3.


II.              MISSION WEEK

Penny Wars :  Monday – Wednesday

Penny Wars is one aspect of Mission Week in which students can compete. During Mission week a locked coin collection station will be set up in the commons with barrels for each class. Each class is encouraged to raise the highest amount in pennies and place them in their pennies collection barrel. Each class is also encouraged to place a high amount of silver coins (i.e. nickels, dimes, quarters, etc.)in the other classes barrels, in order to subtract against other classes' penny totals. (Silver coins count against class pennies.)  At the end of Penny Wars the change will be counted for each class. The winner of Penny wars is determined by the class with the highest Penny Total, which is determined by (Pennies- Silver= winner). The winner of Penny Wars will earn 2 spaces at the Mission Week Board Game. Penny totals will be added to each class’ mission week total. The Silver amount will be totaled from all four classes, added to the Mission Week Total Amount, but split evenly among the four classes to distribute after Mission Week.

Board Game

The Mission Week Board game is the finale to all of the Mission Week festivities. The board game is simply an enlarged board game. Each class will choose delegates to represent them throughout the different obstacles and challenges. To compete in the board game, classes must raise four thousand dollars ($4,000). Additional Spaces can be bought, at a maximum of five (5), as an advantage over other classes (2 Spaces : $6,500 - 3 Spaces : $8,500 -  4 Spaces:$11,000 -5 Spaces :$14, 500).  The class that has moved the greatest amount of spaces at the end of the board game will earn sixteen (16) spirit points, second place will earn ten (10) points, third place will earn six (6) spirit points, and fourth place will earn two (2) spirit points.

I.               CHALLENGES                                                                                                                                                                 

Pep Rallies (3)

Pep Rallies will occur three (3) times throughout the school year. The Spirit Club of SGA, in consultation with the Spirit Contest Coordinators, may choose challenges in which each class competes.  The winners of the challenges will be deemed the winners of that pep rally and earn four (4) spirit points. Second place will earn two (2) spirit points; Third place will earn one (1) spirit point

Miscellaneous Challenges

         Miscellaneous challenges happen four times through the year, once per quarter.  Each class will have or choose a delegate(s) to represent them in the challenges. The winning class will earn three (3) spirit points for their class, the second place class two (2) spirit points. 


Daniel Henry ‘16                               William Harmes '16                       Jack Franke '16
             SGA President                                  SGA Vice-President                     Student Life Committee Chair

Lewis Chapman '16                          Mitchell Elbert '17                         William Henry '18
             Spirit Contest Coordinator                Spirit Contest Coordinator            Spirit Contest Coordinator 


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