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Retreats are an opportunity for our students to step back and reflect on God’s work in their lives.  Through prayer, discussion, and other activities they ask Christ, “Lord, when did we see you?”  Grounded in the Gospel and our Catholic, Christian faith, the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius are the guiding inspiration for our retreat program.  Note: Students who miss school while participating in retreats will receive excused absences.  They are given time to complete their assignments, according to the school policy.  Students should alert teachers a week before the retreat.

Freshman Year - required

Freshman Retreat - a two and one-half day retreat experience organized and conducted by the Pastoral staff, teachers, alumni, several parents, and upper-class student retreat leaders.  The retreat is based on the concepts of community and love of God.  This mandatory retreat is held at school and takes place in late February. It cannot be rescheduled.


Sophomore Year - required

Day of Reflection.  Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017.  Led by the pastoral staff, counselors, theology teachers, and adult leaders.  Centered around the five pillars of the ‘Grad at Grad.’  This is an opportunity for students to reflect on their first year and a half at Rockhurst.  How has God been at work in their lives?  What are Christ’s hopes for them?   

  • 8am-4pm.  At Rockhurst University.  Adult talks, small group discussion, preparation for ‘sophomore conversations,’ Mass.Sophomore Family Conversations - required

Sophomore Family Conversations - required

The Sophomore Family Conversations present opportunities for the student to reflect on his time at Rockhurst, how he is growing to be the man God calls him to be, and how he can set himself on a path to embody the Graduate at Graduation profile upon completion at Rockhurst High.  The 30 minute conversation is facilitated by an adult member of the Rockhurst High School staff.  Both parents are encouraged to be present for the conversation.  

  • Families sign up for one conversation timeslot.  All conversations take place in mid-January on a weekday.  Conflicts should  be communicated to the Pastoral Office. 

Junior Kairos Retreat - required

A.  Kairos Retreat:  For juniors only.  Now in its 22nd year at RHS, Kairos is a 3.5 day experience of Christian community and sacraments.  This is a powerful opportunity for spiritual conversion for many students.  A series of talks are given by Rockhurst student leaders and adults.  Group discussion and prayerful reflection help students to see Christ working in their families, their friends, and their own lives.  Mass and confession are available.  Six Kairos are offered each year.  Students can choose their preferred dates on a first come-first serve basis.  See school calendar for details.  

Senior Year - encouraged 

Options are listed below: (Note: upperclassmen may attend more than 1 retreat if they wish; see Pastoral Office for details.)

A.  Silent Ignatian Retreat: 2 nights, 3 days.  Based on the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, students take time for quiet prayer and reflection.  Seniors meet with a trained spiritual director each day.  Retreatants have the opportunity for Mass and confession.  The retreat is designed for student with a serious desire to deepen their spiritual lives.

B.  Senior Camping Retreat:  1 night, 2 days to Lake Jacomo, MO.  Retreatants grow closer to God through the natural elements of fire, wind, water and earth.  Seniors depart Thursday afternoon, camp and retreat for the evening and participate in Mass and confession.  Retreatants return Friday afternoon.  

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Mr. Matt Nickson
Director of Pastoral Ministry
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Contact Department

Mr. Max Magee
Assistant Dean of Students
Student Government Association Moderator
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