Conservation Science Club

The Conservation Science Club focuses on the preservation and understanding of the natural world that we live in.  The Club advocates for a healthy ecology in our environment through the pursuit of knowledge.  Through citizen science projects involving animals, plant life, and outdoor service projects, the Conservation Club is at the forefront of our school community in helping Rockhurst understand the needs of our planet.  

The Conservation Science Club is divided into three divisions; the Animal Division, the Fish Division, and the Field Division.  The Animal Division focuses on the required habitats and husbandry of the animals at our school.  Members of this division focus on the care of animals and rescue those in need.  The Fish Division maintains for the freshwater and saltwater fish tanks at Rockhurst, as well as works with several citizen science projects to help release fish into the wild.  Members of this division are commissioned with creating the most optimum aquatic environments.  The Field Division works as a unit on service projects that benefit the environment as well as advocate for the needs of the outdoors.  The Field Division is the caretaker of the Outdoor Classroom.  



Contact Department

Mr. Paul Winkeler
Conservation Science Club Co-Moderator
(816) 363-2036 x340
Mr. Rich Wikiera
Conservation Science Club Co-Moderator
(816) 363-2036 x340


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