Robotics Students Compete for Top Honors

Winners of Swept Away Competition: Seniors Max McAnany, Dan Meyer, Sam Crawford and junior Caleb Cole

Since Thanksgiving, students in all five Robotics classes designed and constructed robots to compete in a Rockhurst-only "Swept Away" competition.

Swept Away is a game in which several toy soccer balls and footballs are placed in an "arena" and the students control their robots to move the balls from one side to the other. The team's side with fewer balls at the end of two minutes advances.

There were 40 teams to start with, and each class had its own bracket.  After school on Dec. 14, the top teams competed in the finals in the Barry Commons, surrounded by fellow classmates and teachers.

The winning team of Robotosaurus Mechs took down "#Toasted" in a very close final.  Members of the winning team were: seniors Max McAnany, Dan Meyer, Sam Crawford and junior Caleb Cole.

"The competition brings out the best that the boys have to offer," Mr. Andy Wilcox, Robotics teacher said.  "They worked incredibly hard on their design, iterations, and engineering notebook."

Watch the student-controlled robots in action below!

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