Rockhurst Joins CAPS Network

Rockhurst High School has entered a license agreement with the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) Network. The Network, often referred to locally as CAPS, will allow students to engage in more authentic projects.  Since the STEAM initiative at Rockhurst began in the fall of 2015, a primary goal has been to create authentic student opportunities outside the walls of Rockhurst. As Rockhurst engaged with industry partners, it became clear that the best way to create a robust pathway that connects students will be to plug into the existing CAPS Network.

The CAPS Network serves students by aligning them to passion and raising awareness of strengths. It goes about this process through cultivating real, relevant and authentic project work, which allows students to fast forward past high school and college to their first career. While the Blue Valley CAPS launched in 2005, the national network, which impacts nearly 10,000 students, launched in 2015. Over the past decade, the CAPS Network has fostered many meaningful industry partners in the Kansas City area.

Rockhurst will not need to change its academic schedule, and has the ability to customize how it supports students engaged in these authentic projects and other opportunities created through the CAPS network. Students of CAPS Network member schools demonstrate competencies of the CAPS Network five core principles. These are profession-based learning, professional skills development, self-discovery and exploration, entrepreneurial mindset, and responsiveness.

As a member school of the CAPS Network, Rockhurst High School is now in a better position to connect its students to the surrounding community. The value of the CAPS Network will assist Rockhurst in formalizing its process for engaging industry partners, developing authentic student projects for students to complete as part of a course, establishing mentorship practices, and developing sustainable and scalable authentic student opportunities. Being a member school of the network aligns with many of the eleven AdvancED STEM Indicators.

Many Rockhurst courses will be able to immediately utilize this agreement. Within the new Engineering & Computer Science department, the Principles of Engineering course, as well as the AP Computer Science Principles course, already have students collaborating together to complete student projects. These projects will now be connected to real projects for actual companies.

Similarly, a number of courses in the Communication Arts department are based on students completing projects. The Web Design course already has a past history of students working on websites for actual community organizations. There will also be many opportunities with the Photography, Filmmaking, Broadcasting and Entrepreneurship for Others courses.

Finally, the CAPS Network enables Rockhurst to strengthen other existing student experiences such as last year’s experience with Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes.


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