Jesubots Rock Inaugural Year

Rockhurst High School's Robotics team, The Jesubots, competed at the Queen City FIRST Robotics Regional from March 31 - April 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

The team received the Rookie All Star Award, which placed them in the top 300 robotics teams in the world (which is in the top 6%), and earned them an opportunity to compete at the World Championships April 27-30 in St. Louis, in the program's first year..  Robotics Teacher and Moderator, Mr. Andy Wilcox, also noted that most teams had around 40 members at the competition - the Jesubots had only eight; those students were: freshmen AJ Meyer and Ross Wojcik; sophomores AJ Cordes and Cole Lanning; junior Sam Lee; and seniors Max McAnany, Daniel Meyer, and Harrison Oest.

Other Jesubots members who were instrumental in the building of the robot, but were unable to travel to Cincinnati are: freshmen Ethan Baranowski, Joe Hutchison, and Grady Schmitz; juniors Paul Kaster and Kuklenski; and senior Sam Crawford.

According to Mr. Wilcox, the team's success at Regionals was due in large part to the team's attitude and willingness to work together.

"At Regionals, the Jesubots became a team. We struck the word 'club' from our name.  On Thursday, we were having our team meeting and Coach [Paul] Winkeler and I were able to see that special moment - the moment every coach wants and knows when it occurs - the instant that the group goes from a bunch of inviduals to a team," Mr. Wilcox said.  "The Jesubots made a concious choice to be successful.  It began with how they organized their priorities, assigning duties, and truly living the phrase 'I've got your back.'"

The Jesubots also want to acknoeldge the volunteer mentors, who graciously gave so much of their time and talent to help prepare for competitions.  Those mentors are: Steve Baranowski, Evan Baranowski '11, Scott Hoffman, David Lanning '79, and Kevin Owsley '11.  These gentlemen are integral to the Jesubots' success and have taught the students about much more than just robotic engineering.

"The program's success begins with the motto of the adult mentors. 'Lead Them, Teach Them, Let Them,'" Mr. Wilcox said.  "All of the mentors are on total board for one hundred percent student-driven.  They boys know this is their program. We will lead them, but not do it for them.  They truly rose to that occasion in Cincinatti. They made the choice, the concious choice, to do what it takes to be successful."

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