Students Build Toys for Toy Drive


This year the annual Regis Club Toy Drive had a new aspect to it: along with the toys purchased and donated by students, there were also toys built by students.

Hawklets in Mr. Bill Murphy's Drawing & Design for Industry class constructed the wood toy trucks that will also be donated.

"Rockhurst participates in a toy drive around Christmas time because we understand that this can be a very unfortunate time of year for many people.  Every year, I would assume most of the students at our school wake up on Christmas morning and expect to see at least one or two presents waiting for them beneath the Christmas tree," said junior Thomas Reintjes, Regis Club president.  "However, this is a reality only for the privileged. There is a multitude of children in the Kansas City area that live under the poverty line and are unable to afford luxuries such as toys for Christmas."

This is where the Regis Club comes in.  Realizing that some kids will not have as joyous of Christmas' as some of Rockhurst students might, club members collect toys before finals every year and donate them to Operation Breakthrough.  

"This is the first year that the Rockhurst wood shop class has built toys for the toy drive. It is humbling and admirable to see some of the students at Rockhurst spend part of their school time and energy to construct toy trucks for the children at Operation Breakthrough.  Hopefully this idea can continue on as a tradition of the toy drive in years to come," said Reintjes.

The Regis Club seeks to provide students an opportunity to perform community service, as well as fostering relationships between members of the Rockhurst community and between Rockhurst and the broader Kansas City community.  Activities in recent years have included monthly trips to the Shalom Catholic Worker House, annual Toy Drive and Bowling Tournament, and projects at the CCVI center, the Recycling Center, and the Hope Center. 

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