Students Utilize Construction Experts

A group of Rockhurst High School students are taking full advantage of the construction on the school’s campus.

These students are working with JE Dunn team members to learn as much as they can about the business.  They are going through on site visits, spending time in the classroom with JE Dunn representatives to understand the process of conception to building, and working with the technology the team uses. 

“I'm interested in pursuing a career in engineering, and the JE Dunn Internship Program was a unique opportunity for me to be introduced to the fields of civil and structural engineering," said sophomore Nick Moussa.  "This program allows me to experience the real-world factors for construction, budgets, and applied science.” 

It is a program that will take the students up to the grand opening, where they will present a final project to our guests that evening.  The final project can be a model they built, a PowerPoint, a video, or any presentation they choose.

This is a great example of project-based learning that Rockhurst has emphasized since the rollout of the school's Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programming.

"Project-based learning allows students to develop applicable skills because of the direct interaction with the concepts that they experience," said Mr. Paul Winkeler, STEAM Coordinator.  "Project-based learning also gives students an experience that may motivate them to pursue the concepts in greater depth in their academic future."

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