Students Showcase Art Abilities

On Tuesday, March 31, Rockhurst High School hosted the annual Fine Arts Festival.

The hour and a half event is an opportunity for Rockhurst students to showcase their talents in the fine arts to their classmates.  There are four sections of presentations, and each student is allowed to decide what he wants to see.

The four 15-minute sessions were held in the Rose Theatre, Barry Commons, gymnasium, Chapel of the Sacred Heart, and several classrooms.  Student performances included: drawings and photography on display, musical instruments, choirs, oratory, drama and juggling.

In total, 25 different arts presentations were displayed by Rockhurst students.  Photos from the day can be seen below.  AMDG

 Student drawings and photography displayed in the Barry Commons


Combined Freshman/Rockhurst Choir and Advanced Choir, conducted by Mr. Sam Anderson, accompanied by Mr. Joshua Lawlor


Rockhurst Orchestra performing in the gymnasium


Freshman Drake Rebman performs his Humorous Interpretation of "Crazytown"


Members of Stomp Rocket, Rockhurst's Imrov Troupe, entertain a packed Rose Theatre crowd


Senior Peter Spalitto plays the piano for classmates in the Chapel of the Sacred Heart


Members of the juggling club performed to the sounds of the Jazz Lab


The Concert Choir sings "The Battle of Little Musgrave" and "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder"


Juniors Liam Carroll and Patrick Vogt both play the violin above the Barry Commons

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