Engineering Club Shows Ingenuity

The Engineering Club, a new club this year, sponsored the first Cardboard Boat Competition, which took place on the evening of Wednesday, April 22.  Mr. Stephen Arico and Mr. Paul Winkeler, both teachers in the Science department, headed the fun and educational competition.

The only allowed materials for the boat and for any paddles were cardboard and duct-tape, and the boats had to carry a minimum of two people across the Red Bridge YMCA pool.

There was a total of 15 boats submitted (about 50 students participated), with the winning student-submitted boat crossing the pool with a time of 52 seconds. It was a close race, with the 2nd place finisher crossing the length of the pool in a time of 54 seconds.  The members of the winning team were juniors John Leisman, Zach LeMense, Sam Wilkerson and Miles Wood.  Leisman and LaMense sailed the winning boat.

"The biggest hurdle for most teams was actually getting into the boat. Only about half of the boats completed the race but everyone had a great time designing and building their boats - and probably learned a decent amount about building a stable, sturdy boat in the process," Mr. Arico said.

The two teachers showed off their building and sailing skills as well.

"Mr. Winkeler and I also submitted a boat, which we were able to sail across the pool successfully in only 38 seconds; but apparently we weren't allowed to keep the Chick-fil-A gift card prize," added Mr. Arico.

This cardboard and duct tape boat couldn't manage to stay afloat.

Students eye the finish line in their hand-made vessel.

Mr. Stephen Arico & Mr. Paul Winkeler take their pirate ship for a cruise.

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