Students' Efforts Recognized at Assembly

Each year in the final weeks of school, Rockhurst gathers in the performance gym to honor students for their dedication both inside of the classroom, as well as for outstanding character and service to the community.  The 2019 All-School Awards Assembly took place on Wednesday, April 24.

Every department recognizes students from each grade level for his performance in a particular subject.  Some departments, such as Math, has just one winner from each of the four grades, whereas some departments, such as Science, has a winner from each course for each grade.

The winners are selected by the teachers and department heads.

In addition to the academic awards, certain students are celebrated for their community service, leadership and more.

Below, the awards are listed as well as some photos from the ceremony.  Congratulations to all of the recipients!

Arts Department

National School Orchestra Award: Andrew Murphy '19, Caden Gabel '19
Chopin Piano Award: Corbin Reine '19, Caden Gabel '19
National School Choral Award: Joseph Hutchison '19
Rockhurst Choral Spirit Award: Josh Welker '19
Louis Armstrong Jazz Improvisation Award: Charles DeLong '19
John Phillip Sousa Band Award: Andrew Wilson '19
Woody Herman Jazz Improvisation Award: Charles DeLong '19
Quincy Jones Award: Adam Albritton '19
Ignatian Pastoral Music Award: Michael Navato '20
Visual Arts Award: Owen Hollister '19, Benjamin Brundige '19, Gabriel Vianello '19
Ceramic Arts Award: Owen Franklin '19, Chase Auman
Rockhurst Theatre Award: Michael Navato '20
Dramatic Arts Award: Brendan Kiefer '20

Communication Arts Department

Introduction to Mass Media: Aidan Matlock '19
Intro to Movie Making: Ian Mulkey '21
Advanced Movie Making Award: Evan Highfill '20
Intro to Broadcasting: 
Garrett Amundsen '21, Connor Green '22
Broadcasting II: Rocco Deppe '21
Photography: Carter Lange '19, Grant Geiger '19
Graphic Arts: Truman Diebold '22
Automated Accounting: Zachary Aldaco '19 
Business Law: Adam Albritton '19
Web Page Design: Austin Sands '19

Public Speaking: Pasquale Trozzolo '22
Entrepreneurship for Others: Mark Hallier '20
Yearbook Award: Kenneth Maldonado '20
Newspaper I Award: Quintin Roney '20, Cody Metcalf '20
Newspaper II Award: Ben DeBasio '19

The Michael and Ilene Drape Journalism Scholarship is presented each year to a senior journalism student.  The award, funded by Mr. Tom Drape, a Rockhurst High School alum and former vice-president of Universal Press Syndicate, is given in honor of his parents, Michael and Ilene Drape.  This year's Drape Journalism Award: Ben DeBasio '19

Computer Science, Robotics and Engineering Department

Intro to Computer Science: Ryan Ficklin '22
AP Computer Science Principles: Dominic Monteleone '20
AP Computer Science A: Austin Sands '19, Tanner Helton '20
Principles of Engineering: Jacob Sneed '21
Robotics Engineering I: Lance Shelton '19
Robotics Engineering II: Austin Sands '19
John McEniry Innovation Award: Austin Sands '19

Bernie Kreikmeier and Buddy Worth Excellence in Technology Award: 
Kyle Ziegler '19

English Department

Advanced English I: Sam Nissen '22
Advanced English II: Vinny Campo '21
AP English III: Watson Deacon '20
AP English IV: Jacob Gose '19
English I: Noah Higbie '22
English II: Luan Le '21
English III: Augie Sonnenberg '20
English IV: Max Goeke '19

Modern & Classical Language Department

Mandarin Chinese I: Tucker Folscroft '22
Mandarin Chinese II: James Reintjes '21
Honors Mandarin Chinese III: Bryce Tomka '20

Honors Mandarin Chinese IV: Ben DeBasio '19
French I: Ian Spachman '22
French II: Hayden Parsons '21
Honors French III: Kenan Blakey '20
AP French IV: Cole Williams '20
Honors French V: Dylan Lawrence '19
Honors Greek I: Harrison Meyer '20
Honors Greek II: Jacob Gose '19
Latin I: Billy McGannon '22
Latin II: Joshua Frerker '21
Honors Latin III: Harrison Meyer '20
AP Latin IV: Jacob Gose '19
Spanish I: Le Tin '22, Joshua Neenan '21, Luke Stephenson '22
Advanced Spanish I: Ryan Thompson '22, Luca Nictora '22
Spanish II: Otto Zinn '21, Samuel Muehlebach '21
Advanced Spanish II: Paul McLaughlin '22
Spanish III: Jacob Borchert '20
Honors Spanish III: Samuel Nissen '22, Samuel Silva '20
Spanish IV: Benjamin Parra '19
Honors Spanish IV: Michael Donnellan '20
AP Spanish IV: 
Leyton Rebori '19, Andrew Valdivia '19

Mathematics Department 

Freshman Award: Ryan Thompson '22
Sophomore Award: Joseph Hane '21, Justin Balling '21
Junior Award: Joseph Berglund '20
Senior Award: Caden Gabel '19
Probabilities & Statistics: Leyton Rebori '19


Physical Education Department

Freshman Award: Liam O'Keefe '22
Sophomore Award: Benjamin Walsh '21
Junior Award: John Welsh '20
Senior Award: Gabriel Whipple '19

Science Department

Biology: Henry Caprio '22, Luke Stephenson '22
Honors Biology: Ryan Ficklin '22, Ryan Thompson '22
AP Biology: Ross Wojcik '19, Harrison Meyer '20
Chemistry: Hayden Parsons '21
Honors Chemistry: Joshua Frerker '21
AP Chemistry: Samuel Silva '20, Augie Sonnenberg '20
Physics: Cormac O'Dear '20, Dominic Monteleone '20
Honors Physics: Leyton Rebori '19
AP Physics: Austin Sands '19
Earth Science: Matthew Richards '20
Human Physiology: Brendan Safley '20

Social Studies Department

Ancient Civilizations: Brendan Franey '22, Henry Meiners '22
Modern World History: Alex Schirk '21
AP World History: Jack Barron '21
AP U.S. History: Ryan Connor '20, Joseph Berglund '20
U.S. History: Rafael Ramirez '20, Augie Sonnenberg '20
AP American Government: Nicholas Moussa '19, Connor Dreyer '19
American Government: Austin Sands '19, Brian Medina '19
AP Comparative Governments: Luke MIttman '19
Economics: Jack Dwyer '19
African American Studies: Chris Palmer '19, Yohannes Assefa '19
History of the Kansas City Region: Nicholas Collins '18

Theology Department 

Freshman: Henry Meiners '22
Sophomore: James Reintjes '21
Junior: Augie Sonnenberg '20
Senior: Jacob Gose '19


Advanced Placement Scholars

George Carey, Matthew Coble, Connor Dreyer, Jack Dwyer, Peter Elbert, Caden Gabel, Griffin Goss, Anthony Haggerty, William Kasyjanski, Joseph Kelly, Benjamin Legg, Nicholas Lynn, Carson Meyer, Minh Nguyen, Ben Parra, Nicholas Pope, William Reboulet, Sean Sollars, Andrew Valdivia

Advanced Placement Scholars With Honor

Chase Auman, Joseph Broyles, Nicholas Gleason, Maxwell Goeke, Jacob Gose, Patrick Loper, Kevin Marshall, Nicholas Moussa, Luke Pittman, Thomas Seitzer, Eamon Shaw, Ross Wojcik

Advanced Placement Scholars With Distinction

Ethan Baranowski, Leyton Rebori

National Merit Commended Students

Connor Dreyer, Joseph Kelly, Austin Sands, Thomas Seitzer

National Merit Semi-Finalists

Jacob Gose, Patrick Loper, Leyton Rebori, Ross Wojcik

National Merit Finalists

Jacob Gose, Patrick Loper, Leyton Rebori, Ross Wojcik

Book Awards

Columbia University Club Book Award: Watson Deacon '20
University of Rochester Humanities and Social Science Award: Cole Vacek '20
University of Rochester George Eastman Young Leaders Award: Tanner Helton '20
Dartmouth College Book Award: Casey O'Halloran '20
University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award: Michael Douglas '20
Harvard University Book Award: Joseph Berglund '20
University of Rochester Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology: Robert Keefe '20
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Medalist Award: Noah Cordova '20
Tulane Book Award: Nathan Paulbeck '20
George Washington Book Award: Grant Auman '20
Villanova Book Award: Ryan Connor '20

"R" Awards

This award honors those students who do more than merely participate in an activity.  Though they represent approximately 6 percent of the school's population, "R" Award recipients represent all who are members of the Rockhurst High School community to Kansas City.

Class of 2019: 

Chase Auman, Alassane Ba, Damien Cortez, Ben DeBasio, Charles DeLong, Phil Ehrnman, Peter Elbert, Caden Gabel, Jacob Gose, Will Hanson, Jacob Hiss, Joseph Hutchison, Joseph Kelly, Carter Lange, Reed Levi, Jack McInerney, Brian Medina, Will Muehlebach, Tyler Nelson, Chris Palmer, Xavier Paredes, Luke Pittman, Clint Purcell, Leyton Rebori, Joseph Rozell, Grady Schmitz, Eamon Shaw, Brandon Valdez, AJ White, Andrew Wilson

Class of 2020: 
TJ Anderson, Grant Auman, Kenan Blakey, Lucas Brown, Noah DeHardt, Griffin Dilks, Michael Guerra-York, Tanner Helton, Evan Highfill, Ben Keefe, Samuel Kidder, David King, Andrew Meysenburg, Michael Navato, Jimmy Olson, Nathaniel Paulbeck, Nomar Puga, Jack Rotter, Luke Rottinghaus, Brendan Safley, Augie Sonnenberg, Jack Stanley, Reth Touch, Cole Vacek, Jackson Valenti, Jack Walters, Salvador Walton-Nuñez

Class of 2021: 
John Barron, Nathan D'Alesio, Bobby Hummel, Sam Kanatzar, Luan Le, Thompson Penn, Seamus Prim, Pete Rottinghaus, Tommy Tietjen, Braydon Tomasic, Nathan Volcy, Otto Zinn

Class of 2022: 
Nathan Klump, Eddie Kuklenski, Levi McConnell, Henry Meiners, Sam Nissen, Jules Quijas, Grant Sesler, Jared Smith, Michael Young

Fr. Pedro Arrupe Award

This year, the Ignatian Service of Rockhurst High School recognizes deserving student or students from each class with the Fr. Pedro Arrupe Award.

Fr. Pedro was the 28th Superior General of the Society of Jesus, leading the Society of Jesus and the Church to be more committed to justice after his experience in Japan during World War II.  Inspired by St. Ignatius, the founder of the Society of Jesus, Fr. Pedro Arrupe S.J. shared a message with a alumni from Jesuit schools in 1973 that has shaped who we are and what we do at Rockhurst Jesuit High School ever since. He said, “Today our prime educational objective must be to form men and women for others; men and women who will live not for themselves but for God and his Christ -- the God-man who lived and died for all the world; men and women who cannot even conceive of love of God which does not include love for the least of their neighbors; men and women completely convinced that love of God which does not issue in justice for men is a farce.”

Each recipient of the award: seeked ways to stand up for and form relationships with those on the margins; offered his time, talents, and gifts to build a more just society; recognized that love is shown more in deeds than words by actively participating in the corporal and spiritual works of mercy; developed a sense of our personal and communal responsibility to care for God’s creation.

Freshman: Levi McConnell '22
Sophomore: Ryan Lipp '21
Junior: Sam Kidder '20
Senior: Chase Auman '19


The Carl G. Kloster, S.J. Award

The Carl G. Kloster, S.J. Award was originally known as the “Special R Award”. It was renamed in 1975 to honor Rev. Carl G. Kloster, S.J. who served as principal of Rockhurst High School from 1954 to 1972. Father Kloster also served as president from 1968 until 1975.  The Kloster Award recipient is nominated by the faculty and confirmed by the Graduation Awards Committee and is given to a member of the senior class who is also an “R Award” winner.
The Kloster Award is conferred upon a graduating senior who embodies the spirit and tradition of Rockhurst High school and is a young man who consistently puts the welfare of his fellow students above his own interests.
This award honors a student who is distinguished by his work ethic, excellence in conduct, and outstanding devotion to the school through service to classmates. 

2019 recipient: Jacob Hiss

The Rockhurst Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement

The senior class chooses one of its own as the recipient of the Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement. The citation for this award reads: “recognizing the possession of qualities we hope that others find in us, and having experienced and benefited from his extraordinary devotion to our class and to our school, we, the members of the Class of 2019 proudly award the Rockhurst High School Senior Class Award of Excellence and Achievement.”
2019 recipient: Leyton Rebori


The Jesuit Schools Network Award

The Jesuit Schools Network (or JSN) annually recognizes a member of the graduating class in each of the 60 Jesuit Secondary member schools in the United States and Central America. Nominations for this award are solicited from the faculty, and the Graduation Awards Committee confirms the faculty recommendation. The JSN Award is presented to a deserving senior who best represents the ideals of the graduate of a Jesuit High School at the time of graduation. The recipient of the award shall be a young man who is generous with his talents, dedicated to the Gospel message, and devoted to the Christian ideals as enunciated by the founder of the Society of Jesus, St. Ignatius Loyola.

2019 recipient: Peter Elbert

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