Rockhurst Beings Lenten Journey

On March 1, everyone from the Rockhurst community gathered in the performance gym to celebrate the beginning of the Lenten season with the Ash Wednesday Mass.  The day before, each teacher and student was asked to consider what sacrifice he or she might make over Lent; they were written on index cards and collected.  At Mass, they were offered to God.

Students were also shown a quick video, courtesy of the Pastoral Office, to encourage participation through alsmgiving, fasting and prayer during Lent.  It can be viewed below, in addition to some photos from Mass.

Each afternoon during Lent, the Examen will be played over the speaker system in the school, and students will stop for about two minutes to reflect on the importance and meaning of these special 40 days in the Catholic faith.

Good afternoon.  Please stop what you are doing.

Maintain a spirit of reverence and quiet, and join in our Lenten Examen.

I am aware that at this moment I am in the presence of a loving and merciful God.

And I pray for the grace to see myself as God sees me.

Now, as I review my day, for what and for whom and I grateful?

In what moments brought me joy and comfort?

Lord, I thank You for these people and experiences.

At what points through my day did I fall short and fail to share in Your work?

In what moments did I experience sadness or pain? 

I am sorry, Lord, for those times I let You and myself down.

And as I look toward the future, what is it that You desire for me? 

How can I share more fully in this Lenten journey with You?

Lord, give me Your grace through these days of Lent to grown closer to you,

So that I may share in the joys of Easter.  Amen.






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