ACT Scores Trending Upward

The American College Test (ACT) is a standardized test that high school students take during their junior and/or senior year.  It is an indication of the extent to which they are prepared for college-level work, with a highest composite score of 36.  

From 2015 to 2016, the Missouri student average composite score on the ACT dropped one and a half points.  Rockhurst High School students, however, induced a rise on the school's average.  This has been the trend at the school for the last five years, during which there has been a rise in composite score in four of those years.

In 2012, the school's average score sat at 26.0, with the state average at 21.6.  For the Class of 2016, the average was 27.1, with the state average at 20.2 and national average at 20.8.

Educators in the building cite a variety of factors to the enhanced scores including curriculum, culture, teachers, and student participation.

"I believe our continued rise in ACT scores relates to the overall strength of our core curriculum. Our English, Math, Science and Social Studies departments do a great job of preparing our students for college in general, as well as preparing them for the ACT exam."  
-Mr. Scott Duschen, Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs

"As Rockhurst builds into being a community leader in education, the improved standardized test scores are a clear indication that the shift in our educational paradigm has had a positive impact on the academic future of our students."  
-Mr. Paul Winkeler, STEAM Coordinator

"Our ACT scores reflect an unwavering commitment from our excellent faculty to ensure the efficacy of our curriculum.  These scores reflect their hard work and dedication to serving the young men in our care."  
-Mr. Greg Harkness, Principal  

"Our students' math performance is founded on the teacher's beliefs about their abilities.  If a student truly believes they are capable, they will work harder and be more resilient in the face of adversity.  I think our teachers do a wonderful job of instilling this belief by demonstrating that they believe in those abilities, as well.  At that point the student has self-confidence and a support system, and his learning can take off."  
-Mr. Joe Leroy, Mathematics Chair

"The teachers of Rockhurst High School work diligently each day to put students in positions where they can be successful.  The culture of Rockhurst enables students to collaborate with one another.  The brotherhood of Rockhurst creates an environment where everyone serves each other and helps one another be successful.  It's nice to see some of the fruits of that labor."  
-Mr. Greg Owsley, STEAM Director 

"I think the value on not just teaching the content, but teaching the students how to think that has contributed to the trend. Students are expected to think deeply and understand context."  
-Mr. Greg Buckman, Social Studies teacher

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