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Joshua H. Brewster '99

Dear Fellow Hawklets and Friends,

I am honored to serve as President of the National Alumni Association’s Board of Governors for Rockhurst High School.  It is a true privilege.  I am profoundly grateful to our exceptional Board, alumni leadership volunteers, as well as the school faculty and staff, for working with me as Jesuit Partners to build strong relationships in support of today’s young Hawklets.

Rockhurst High School is as strong as ever.  It is a place of sound learning and formation, anchored in our Catholic faith, and animated by the Jesuit vision.  The bonds that are forged at The Rock continue beyond high school and are strengthened by the memories we share.  We are deeply rooted in our founding and indebted to those who came before us.  This is a tie that cannot be broken; a spirit that cannot be matched - WE ARE ROCKHURST.

The Association’s role is to involve and communicate with alumni to assure that they are respected as a vital and integral part of the Rockhurst High School community.  Our alma mater continues to pursue even greater levels of achievement in strengthen its faith-based, college preparatory mission to form “men for others” for the greater glory of God.

It is vital for alumni to know that each and every one of us has a role to play in keeping Rockhurst High School a vibrant educational option in Kansas City. 

Even if you haven’t been involved lately, or have not been on campus recently, I extend this formal invitation to you to visit the Alumni Life website.  You will find many opportunities to enrich your life by deepening connections to the Rockhurst Family, whether you live in Kansas City, or anywhere else across the globe.  We welcome your updated information, as well as Alumni News Notes (i.e. career advancement; marriages; births; etc.) to stay connected.

Thank you for everything you continue to do and be for Rockhurst High School.  AMDG


Joshua H. Brewster ’99

Rockhurst High School National Alumni Association
Board of Governors

Contact Department

Laurence Freeman
Chief Advancement Officer
(816) 363-2036 x571

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