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  • BuddhaNet : Worldwide Buddhist Information and Education Network The searchable Buddhist Information Network features a BuddhaZine , guided meditation and other audio files, downloadable e-books and articles (Adobe Acrobat Reader required), information on Meditation Techniques , an online guide for studying Buddhism, information on Buddhist history and culture and more.




  • Jainworld : Jainism Global Resource Center This site explores the religious, social, philosophical, and cultural aspects of Jainism. Contains an overview of Jain philosophy, historical background, scripture, religious self-instruction, a guide to food, links to Jain organizations worldwide, and more. Available in French, German, Hindi, and other languages
  • Jainism : Jain Principles, Tradition and Practices A wealth of links to information about Jainism history, religious organizations, songs and prayers, texts, pilgrimages and more.



  • The Sikhism Home Page  Includes the basic tenets of Sikh philosophy; biographies of famous Sikh women and Gurus; information on Gurmukhi (the Sikh alphabet) and Gurdwaras (temples); a comparison of Sikhism and other religions; views of the Gurus regarding women; audio of prayers; a glossary; essays; recommended books; and related links.
  • Religious Tolerance

Zen Buddhism

  • Zen Guide A comprehensive on-line resource for zen and Buddhism practitioners providing information on history, principles, meditation guide, zen and Buddhism related media and more.  
  • Zen in Daily Life This site includes many issues such as Zen and the Martial Arts, Zen and art, Zen in Japan and Zen in Israel. It also has information on many other subjects concerning Zen meditation, finding the true self, activating humanism compassion, and creativity in full function in modern society.

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