JESUBOTs Service Opportunities

The coaching and mentoring descriptions below have been outlined with definition provided by FIRST Robotics competitive programs.

General Time Investment

JESUBOTs coaches and mentors will work with students a minimum of 4-6 hours per week from September to December.  During actual preparation to participate at FIRST Robotics from January to April, coaches and mentors will need to devote more time to students, particularly in the final six weeks previous to the competition.

Coaches and mentors service is one of being a guide, not a worker. The boys will develop ideas and would with volunteers to channel the process.

Advancement Mentor

A creative individual is needed to develop strategic plans and targets with student to generate funding for the JESUBOTs.  Activities will build financial support, as well as foster a sense of pride for the mission and vision of the JESUBOTs and Rockhurst High School.  A key relationship will be to coordinate with the Marketing Mentor in guiding publicity with the students to encourage support from the community.

SKILL SET:  Expertise in the field of sales and marketing or professional fund-raising.

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CAD Mentor

A central figure in the JESUBOTs ability to learn how computer-aided design (CAD) is used in robotics.  Assists students in the creation, modification, analysis, or optimization of a designs software used to increase the productivity of their robot.  Helps JESUBOTs to seamlessly integrate off-line programming, simulation and code generation, to deliver quick, error-free robot programs.

SKILL SET:  Expert in computer-aided design (engineer preferred).

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Chairman’s Award Mentor

The Chairman’s Award is considered the most prestigious honor at FIRST Robotics, which recognizes the team that best represents a model for others to emulate, as well as embodies the purpose and goals of the competition.
  To achieve this distinction, JESUBOTs need a talented mentor who can steer them through the vital goals and objectives of earning the acknowledgment with efficient project management and organization.

SKILL SET:  Excellent organizational ability and attention to detail with project management.

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Coding Mentor

Important guide in leading JESUBOTs with the basics in building an easy-to-use C-programming environment suitable to the world of robotics engineering and programming.  Helps students to tackle design challenges and bridging the gap between manual and autonomous control. Offers new software feature options (i.e. built-in Natural Language function library for beginning programmers; Virtual Robot capability to test robot’s functionality before finalizing hardware design, etc.). Assists with Experimentation of sensors and actuators strategize team’s robot and its adaptability to parameter change.  Assesses efficiency and accuracy of robot program to enhance complexity and refinement for tactile/bump sensing.  Works with JESUBOTs to design algorithms for more complex tasks (i.e. hiding, wall-following and mapping, driving and parallel parking). 

SKILL SET:  Computer programming.

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Design Team Mentor

Plays a vital role in the success of the JESUBOTs. Guides work extensively with team members during the build season, designing, building, and fabricating a functional robot for competition. His or her expertise is the catalyst for the team’s and students’ success.  This professional role model engages and inspire students in ways far beyond science and technology as someone who appreciates the value of sportsmanship and teamwork. 

SKILL SET:  Ability to review paper designs and evaluate whether an idea can reasonably be executed.

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Drive Train Mentor

Key advisor to JESUBOTs with explanation of physical principles of friction and traction, while exploring the implications these principles have on robot drive train design. Helps to show students a variety of different robot drive system types and the differences between them, including DC motors, gear ratios, and more. 

SKILL SET:  Understanding of motor functions involving hydraulics, gears, creating torque, and speed, to achieve the robot’s goal.

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Finance Mentor

A skilled financial mind is needed to assist students in managing the fiscal operations of the JESUBOTs.
  He or she will offer advice about sound financial management techniques and practices, while working with the students to coordinate practical functions of the organization, including tracking of participants’ time with activities, organizing and implementing budgets, and developing travel plans.  Much of the credibility for the JESUBOTs will be build upon the ability to be viewed as responsibility money managers.

SKILL SET:  Professional experience in the field of corporate financial management; a Certified Professional Accountant, if possible.

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Inside Public Relations Mentor

An effective communicator, who knows how to use collaborative learning activities, will be essential for students to learn to build alliances with other teams in the JESUBOTs.  Collaborative efforts will be a key element for success in competition. A structure for student interaction in small, mixed-ability groups, will encourage interdependence, and provide an opportunity for individual accountability. By taking part in cooperative experiences, students will be encouraged to learn by assimilating their ideas and creating new knowledge through interaction with others.

SKILL SET:  Competent in team-building and trust-building activities.

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Outside Marketing Mentor

Brand management will require a talented, creative professional who will help students create marketing techniques to publicize the JESUBOTs to the general community.  Name recognition for the JESUBOTs that make it easily recognized and well-respected will translate into important benefits, including a sense of safety and comfort for the program; positive image and automatic perception of quality for the instruction; potential for willingness to invest charitable gifts in something prospects recognize and appreciate; and, emotionally attachment to formation that is good for young men, which people will want to share with others.

SKILL SET:  Proficiency in sales and marketing techniques, particularly in presentations to persuade prospective sponsors and partners for support.

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Safety Mentor

A wise mentor for risk management can be the most important asset on the JESUBOTs team.  Information and knowledge to make a realistic assessment of robotics risks is crucial.  Formulated design requirements for a risk management methodology will become the basis of human group and individual decision-making and information processing. The JESUBOTs must comply with standards put in place by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

SKILL SET:  Experience and expertise in risk management and OSHA compliance.

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Social Media Mentor

A visionary virtual thinker is essential to help students to put an efficient social media strategy in place for the JESUBOTs.  Students will need guidance in identifying what they hope to achieve and create; in taking the time to develop relationships and establish credibility for the brand with key target audiences; analyze publicity results; and employ effective time management techniques to utilize social media returns in the limited tie before competition begins.

SKILL SET:  Clear understanding of emerging trends in social media channels, techniques, and messages.

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Strategic Development Mentor

A collaborator who can work with students and Chairman’s Award Mentor to position the JESUBOTs to earn the honor.  Will need to learn the objectives of FIRST Robotics and coordinate a strategic plan that merits acknowledgment for the JESUBOTs. 

SKILL SET:  Strategic planning experience with ability to utilize A Gantt Chart to illustrate timetables and follow-through expectations.

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Web Design Mentor

The JESUBOTs will need an effective web presence to expand and grow the program.  A knowledgeable guide who knows web design will be fundamental to achieving success.  A solid layout, simple wireframes for design, ample whitespace, effective typography, and appropriate design element, are only the start to making a sophisticated web profile for the JESUBOTs.

SKILL SET:  Web design excitement and experience.

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