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Rockhurst Counseling Department

As part of the Academic Enhancement program, the Counseling Department offers support services for students with learning differences. Students with diagnosed learning differences (or disabilities) have been successful in all courses offered at Rockhurst High School and can be among the most gifted academic performers.

Academic success with a learning difference requires a Rockhurst student to possess certain qualities:

      • Ability to self-advocate
      • Willingness to work at the level of his Rockhurst peers
      • Self-monitoring skills with work and behavior
      • Perseverance
      • Excellent parental support

Counselors help students with Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD and other specified learning disabilities to work toward and achieve their academic potential. Support and limited classroom accommodations are provided depending on the specific needs of the individual, including extra time for exams and preferential seating. To be considered, students should send results of their diagnostic learning disability testing to their school counselor, or contact Scott Reagan, Standardized Testing and Accomodations Coordinator.   

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