Rockhurst High School Technology Glossary

Apple ID: Username for Apple that is associated with the iTunes store and iCloud. Students may set their iPad up with one or two Apple IDs.

E-book: An "electronic" book which is usually just a digital edition of a text. Available through apps and programs such as iBooks and Kindle. Ebooks may contain an interactive element not present in printed text, such as videos, and many come with an audio element so that the book can be read to the user.

Find my iPhone: A service provided by Apple that allows for the location of Apple devices including iPads and iPhones. In order for Find my iPhone to work, the device must be on, with location services turned on. The app can be downloaded from the App Store, and the service is available at

Google apps for education: A free suite of services hosted by Google for education purposes; Rockhurst student emails are hosted through Google Apps for education. The login also allows access for additional resources such as AMDG email, Google Drive, Rockhurst Calendars.

Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud-based storage solution that allows users to upload and download documents and data across multiple devices including the iPad. All Rockhurst students automatically have 30 GB of cloud storage associated with their AMDG email address.

iCloud: Through Apple Inc., iCloud gives users 5 GB of free space to backup their data (Apps, photos, data, documents). iCloud also syncs notes, contacts, calendars and more across multiple iOS devices, which is great for students who also have an iPhone and/or Mac. Most importantly, a student can recover his data if he loses or damages his iPad. Students are required to back up their iPad to iCloud.

iWorks: Rockhurst will use the Pages, Numbers, and Keynote apps in place of the traditional Microsoft Office suite. Pages is the Word equivalent, Numbers is Excel, and Keynote is Power Point.

Location services: A feature on the iPad that allows for identification of the iPad’s location. Students are required to turn ON Location Services for the purposes of iCloud and Find my iPhone. Users can set preferences on whether or not to allow additional apps access to their location.

Moodle: Rockhurst’s learning management system; students will have a Moodle page for each of their classes. Teachers can use Moodle to disseminate information such as syllabi, homework and assignments. Teachers can use Moodle to assign activities such as quizzes or discussions.

myHomework: Rockhurst students get a customized experience with this digital planner that works across all devices (install it on your phone!). Students get an ads-free myHomework experience that prominently displays the Rockhurst logo with the school handbook and other important information and announcements.

NetClassroom: Gives students and their relations online access to academic information, including grades, report cards, and transcripts, and is a secure method of online communication.

Notability: Note taking app provided to all students by Rockhurst. This app allows for creation of notes as well as upload of documents to be edited by students. Students can take notes by typing or handwriting. The app integrates and syncs directly with Google Drive.


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