Hurtado Scholars Program

The Hurtado Scholars Program is an educational and leadership opportunity offered by Rockhurst High School to prepare middle school boys for success at a college preparatory high school and beyond.

Named for St. Alberto Hurtado, SJ, the Hurtado Scholars Program is inspired by a Chilean Jesuit priest who founded homes and offered education to impoverished boys throughout his native country in the mid-20th century.  Canonized in 2005, Fr. Hurtado's life and work inspires the values and beliefs of a Catholic Jesuit education.

Bringing Light to Potential

The mission of Hurtado Scholars is to assist boys who have great potential, but for whom a Catholic, college preparatory education may be unattainable.  Hurtado Scholars will receive the training and experiences that enable them to be well prepared for a college preparatory high school.  Hurtado Scholars will:

  • Improve academic and study skills
  • Expand artistic and cultural awareness
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Participate in sports and activities
  • Prepare for high school admission
  • Grow in Christian faith

Hurtado "Week-to-Week"

During ths school year, Hurtado Scholars attend supplemental classes and tutoring two nights a week for several weeks in both fall and spring semesters.

Hurtado Summer Program

The Hurtado Scholars Program begins in the summer before 6th grade year.  This intensive summer program Monday through Friday is designed to provide accepted students with an accelerated academic program, training for leadership, opportunity to enjoy sports and other new activities, and develop new friendships with fellow Hurtado Scholars.

Hurtado Scholars Graduate

Those who graduate from the Hurtado Scholars Program, choose to go to Rockhurst High School and get accepted by Rockhurst will attend RHS with minimal tuition cost.

Scholars by the Numbers

Generous gifts have made tremendous achievements possible for the Hurtado Scholars Program:

  • There are 31 Scholars enrolled from the 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
  • There are 53 Hurtado Scholars total.
  • Scholars perform community service, enjoy field trips and grow spiritually, with academic studies.
  • Scholars have improved more than 2.5 grade levels in Math and Reading in just two years.
  • Students work with the "Thinking Through Art Program" at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.

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Contact Department

Marvin Grilliot
Hurtado Scholars Director
(816) 363-2036x584

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