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The official student newspaper, The Prep News, is published monthly during the school year. It's goal is to present information that is accurate, entertaining and thought-provoking. Reporters are members of the Journalism I class and Newspaper I and II classes. All work is done by the students. Students not enrolled in those classes may work on the newspaper as artists and photographers. See below for why you (or your son) should consider journalism at Rockhurst High School!

  • Letters to the editor are encouraged and can be left in the annex with the adviser or a staff member.  Letters should be about 300 words in length.  The staff reserves the right to refuse publication of lewd or slanderous material.  We also reserve the right to edit and correct spelling and grammatical errors.  Letters must be signed by the writer.  Feel free to email letters HERE also. 
  • Advertising is accepted, contact the adviser at ext. 324.

The Prep News is a member of the Missouri Interscholastic Press Association (MIPA) and the Journalism Education Association (JEA), the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA), the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA) and the American Scholastic Press Association (ASPA).  Since 1984, the Prep News has earned All-Missouri status for 22 years, including the last 10 straight years. From a national viewpoint The Prep News has been awarded All-American status (NSPA), Gold Crown (CSPA), First Place with Special Merit (ASPA).

Rockhurst administration actively supports the role of a student press in the school!

Why consider journalism?

This is a question I am often asked by students and parents as they consider the many options within the Rockhurst curriculum. First, let me say that there are so many great courses that each student can and should consider but in my experience, the courses in journalism equally have some unique and important experiences.

It comes as no secret to anyone that we live in a cultural age where information is all around us and the sheer volume of “journalism” is overwhelming. But being informed is a critical factor in how well we can be students, do our work and even live our lives. We need information to be better citizens. We use information to connect to others and create community.

You might have heard that journalism is a changing or perhaps even dying breed of work. I don’t agree that journalism is dying but it is changing and because of this change it is ever more important to learn the core tenets of good journalism. The concept of journalism is an ability to gather information, process that information with a critical viewpoint towards sharing it truthfully and in an engaging fashion with an audience. That function is not going to change and while more people can connect with an audience, via social networks and blogs, etc. the individual who truly understands the skills of journalism are positioned to be able to inform more clearly and accurately. How this information is presented (via internet, broadcast, videocast, etc. – that is truly up in the air and there are all types of studies and opinions about that).

At Rockhurst our mission for the journalism program is to provide fundamental knowledge of how to gather information (via searches, use of contacts, eye witness, etc.). From that point, students are taught to use critical thinking skills to put the puzzle of information together. It often requires sources of multiple viewpoints to try and improve the accuracy of the story. With the help of teachers or editors, the reporter then learns how to craft a story to inform, possible influence and engage a reader.

This skill set is valuable to anyone interested in being a good communicator. We have had many successful students continue in the field of journalism and earned the highest honors afforded in the field. Equally, we have students who have used these experiences in business, law, creative writing and much more.

The program is very hands-on in that students practice these skills in writing stories about our school community. Younger students might get the rare chance to even publish these in the school newspaper, The Prep News. Second and third year students use these skills and many more to learn how to function within a team and put together a quality newspaper.

Students with a good intellect and solid work ethic should consider our journalism program. It has traditionally brought together a diverse group of students to look at their school community and the world in general in a new light where they can apply even further Ignaitan concepts to “make a difference.”

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