High School Office

Greg HarknessGregory Harkness


Email: gharkness@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x522


 Emily Wilcox

 Assistant to the Principal

 Email: ewilcox@rockhursths.edu

 Telephone: 816-363-2036 x522

Scott DuschenScott Duschen

Assistant Principal of Academics

Email: sduschen@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x546

Theresa FesslerTheresa Fessler

Registrar/Academic Coordinator

Email: tfessler@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x577

Laurence FreemanMatt Darby

Dean of Students

Email: mdarby@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x528


Laurence FreemanWilliam Linscott

Assistant Dean of Students

Email: wlinscott@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x541

Jean PryorJean Pryor

Assistant to the Dean of Students

Email: jpryor@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x528

Laurence FreemanChris Bosco

Assistant Principal for Student Life

Email: cbosco@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x519

David AlveyDavid Alvey

Assistant Principal for Faculty Formation

Email: dalvey@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x543

Theresa FesslerMichael Dierks

Athletic Director

Email: mdierks@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x567

Laurence FreemanScott Reagan

Academic Services Coordinator

Email: sreagan@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x529


Laurence FreemanDr. Gary Seabaugh


Email: gseabaugh@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x530

Dana Brack

John Loches

Dining Services Manager

Email: flik@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x245


Jean PryorJulie Loehr

Administrative Assistant/Receptionist

Email: jloehr@rockhursths.edu

Telephone: 816-363-2036 x100




Contact Department

Mrs. Carol Dougherty
Mrs. Martha Drone
Human Dignity Club Moderators
(816) 363-2036 x151 (Mrs. Dougherty)
(816) 363-2036 x265 (Mrs. Drone)


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Rockhurst High School

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