Rockettes Information

As Rockhurst Alumni Moms we are now "RHS Rockettes!"  Our social events provide a means for Alum Moms to stay connected to one another and to the school.  The RHS Rockettes hold social functions to help fundraising efforts to benefit the RHS Rockette Fund.

Additionally, our donations assist qualified students with needs that are not met through traditional scholarships and work study.  We have funded iPads, calculators, Mom Prom tickets, tuxedos for graduation and prom, prom tickets, and many other items.  

Needed Donations: Monetary Donation for Tuxedo funding for 20 Senior RHS students (Each Cost $225)

Needed Items: Coats (gently used or new) ¼ Quarter Zip Sweatshirts, Sweaters (gently used or new) Socks (new)  

Thank you in advance for sharing your blessings & love with current RHS students in need.

Remember the Rock Shop, the Lunch Ladies, and all the wonderful women you met when your son was at Rockhurst?  Ever wish you could get together with them again? Be sure to attend the next RHS Rockettes function and renew these old friendships.

Please consider becoming a Rockette and rekindle friendships from your time at The Rock. You will most certainly form new friendships with many women who have proudly walked the same path during their son’s Jesuit formation.

Register through the link below.  Or fill out the form here and submit by standard mail.

Register to be a RHS Rockette here