The auction at Rockhurst High School has been raising funds for Catholic education, animated by the Jesuit Vision, in Kansas City since 1970. The event is one of the largest of its kind in the Midwest, generating much-needed tuition assistance funding for families. 100% of our proceeds from this year’s auction will go to help over 450 families receive a metropolitan leading $2.7 million of scholarship assistance. The auction, called "Spectacular," is held each spring in the school's Loyola Center. It takes months of planning and the hard work of hundreds of volunteers to make the night run.
Join us in welcoming our Auction Co-Chairs for Spectacular 2020!
Dori and Brad Boers
Kate and Patrick Carr
Kara and Doug Ciocca
Patty and Rob Hummel
Rockhurst High School and the Auction Chairs thank you in advance
for your commitment and dedication to making
SPECTACULAR 2020 a rewarding success!

To see where the money raised is going, click on "Fund A Future" button below.