Advanced College Credit Program (ACCP)

Students who are academically prepared may want to take college level courses while still in high school.  These are courses which result in college credit.

Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment (ACCP)

Dual enrollment or concurrent enrollment is an option for receiving college credit.  High school instructors, who have been approved by a university in a manner similar to hiring adjunct instructors to teach on the university campus, teach the course in high school.  The course in the high school is equivalent to the course on the university campus.  In the high schools these are advanced courses and the student may choose to take them for only high school credit or for both high school and college credit. Courses are offered for college credit through Rockhurst University’s ACCP program and the University of Missouri-Kansas City

Rockhurst University

Rockhurst University ACCP credit is offered for the following courses:   Honors French III, Honors Spanish III, Honors Spanish IV and PreCalculus. Registration takes place during the school day and will take place this year on September 19th.  Honors French III, Honors Spanish III and Honors Spanish IV are considered two-semester courses.  Registration for the second semester will be determined in January.

Please make note of the new credit card policy: Effective immediately, payments made for ACCP courses with credit cards or online checks (ACH) will be charged a 2.5% service fee. Therefore, you may prefer to pay by check  or money order mailed to the ACCP coordinator or using the envelopes provided with ACCP bills.  

Click here for more detailed information about ACCP eligibility and registration.


Courses offered through the University of Missouri - Kansas City include Honors Chemistry I. Registration for these classes takes place through the classroom instructor.  Please see course instructor for details. It is the student's responsibility to verify whether or not a credit will transfer to the colleges/universities to which he is applying and/or hopes to attend.  

Click here for more detailed information about ACCP eligibility and registration at Rockhurst.  Registration will take place on Tuesday, Jan. 30 in McGee Hall.

Please contact Mr. Reagan (ext. 529) with any questions regarding ACCP.

Contact Department

Mrs. Fola Okediji
Director of College Counseling
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Fax: (816) 361-0251


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