Letter from the President of the Alumni Board

In 2013 I made a significant career move and changed industries entirely. I transitioned from being internally focused on my previous organization to now focusing on interacting with the public for my continued success. It was at that point I truly came to understand the momentous value of the Rockhurst alumni and our community.   Each graduate of Rockhurst High School is given a gift, yet many fail to capitalize or realize its full value unless called upon.
As I started networking and reaching out to alumni from years before and after me, I was shocked by the warmth and acceptance of the voices on the other end. Most contacts I had never met, but we had a commonality between us: WE ARE ROCKHURST. Now, I never expected the business to be handed over, (that had to be earned), but the chance to introduce myself and my new career was met with, “come on in, let’s hear what you have to say.” I couldn’t ask for much more than that. It was humbling and awesome all at the same time. My experience drives me to want to give back to the Rockhurst High School community who supported me so strongly in my time of need.

It is no secret that Rockhurst alumni are unique! We are privileged to have attended the most successful all-boys high school in the Midwest by any metric measurable. For many of us, the opportunity to attend our alma mater was supported by those who came before us. It creates a tie that cannot be broken, a spirit that cannot be matched, and a legacy passed on but not gifted. It is our job to carry the legacy forward and transition it class by class. Our society is evolving quickly and the need for Rockhurst High School to have the ability to educate young men as “Men for Others” has never been more important.

It is vital for alumni to appreciate that everyone plays a role in keeping Rockhurst High School a vibrant educational option in Kansas City. We need your involvement and support. The role of the Rockhurst Alumni Board is as follows:
  1. Represent our alumni in the effort to further the educational, religious, literary and charitable interest of Rockhurst High School, preserving and strengthening the bond among graduates and facilitating all acts necessary to further these purposes or desires.
  2. Be a representative voice with the Rockhurst High School administration.
  3. Bring together the alumni community and support Rockhurst High School with the following initiatives:
    • Engagement, communication, and special events
    • Charitable giving, fundraising
    • Legacy enrollment, general admissions and attraction of students
    • Community involvement and representation
    • Transitioning the spirit of “Men for Others” from one class to the next

If you haven’t been engaged or back to campus recently, please accept this as your personal invitation. Visit the alumni life website to check out upcoming events (insert website link). Rockhurst High School is as solid as ever, but the strength lies in our foundation and the future is what we make of it.

We understand your time is valuable and most of us get pulled in multiple directions, but please take the time to support your alma mater by reaching out to a Rockhurst classmate to schedule a time to meet at one of our amazing alumni activities.   Once you’re involved, you won’t regret it.

Thank you for all you do, we greatly appreciate you.

Go Hawklets!
Andrew F. Stafford ‘93