Rockhurst High School

Thank you!

Rockhurst High School is a special place where boys become Rockhurst Men – “men for others.”

YOU are part of a unique tradition at Rockhurst High School.  You make Rockhurst High School great!  Because of you, our faculty and students have the tools they need to reach their God-given potential. 

Your prayers and support keep The Rock a singular place of faith-based learning and discovery.

We enjoy telling, and re-telling, stories of how Rockhurst High School has made a difference in people’s lives.  Would you share your connection to our tradition?  Every story will be a wonderful illustration of what a special history Rockhurst High School has in Kansas City.


Alumni Stories
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1 * First Name
2 * Last Name
3 * Graduation Year
4 * Email Address
5 * Mailing Address (including city, state, and zip)
6 * Preferred Phone Number
7 How did you first become involved with Rockhurst High School? Was there someone in your life whose dream it was to see your family become a part of our shared tradition?
8 What moment, story or event stands out in your memory? Is there a particular person who made Rockhurst High School a very special place because of what he/she did for you? Who inspired you or had a lasting impression on you from your Rockhurst experience?
9 Why do you think Rockhurst High School’s mission and tradition are important?
10 What are your hopes and dreams for Rockhurst High School in the future?
11 Are there any other memories or ideas you would like to share? Is there something that makes you most grateful as part of the Rockhurst High School family?
12 Do you have any physical artifacts that help better tell your story?
If so, what? And would you be willing to share with Rockhurst?

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Rockhurst High School

Established in 1910 - Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

9301 State Line Road, Kansas City, MO 64114-3299     816.363.2036