Welcome Class of 2027!

We are honored and happy that you have chosen Rockhurst High School.  For 112 years, Rockhurst High School has been a place where boys become young men, prepared for the challenges of college life and beyond.

Understanding Your Admission's Decision

We are excited to have you join us at Rockhurst High School, as part of the Application Process each student's Admissions File is reviewed by a collective team and a decision is made in the best interest of each student, to ensure success for their upcoming Freshman year. With this in mind we know you may have some questions about your Admissions Decisions, so we have outlined what each decision means below.

  • Direct Admit- This means you are accepted into Rockhurst with no further requirements.
  • Conditional Acceptance- This means our application review committee has reviewed your academic record and determined you would benefit from attending our Magis Summer School Academy in specific areas (see below).  Successful completion of this program is a condition for your acceptance to the Class of 2027.  More information regarding the Magis Summer School Academy held during the month of June, will be made available in the coming weeks. Registration can be completed at this link.
    • EMR- You are required to take English/Language Arts, Introduction to Freshman Algebra and Reading Practicum.
    • MR- You are required to take Introduction to Freshman Algebra and Reading Practicum only.
    • EM- You are required to take English/Language Arts and Introduction to Freshman Algebra only.
    • ER- You are required to take English/Language Arts and Reading Practicum only.
    • E- You are required to take English/ Language Arts only.
    • M- You are required to take Introduction to Freshman Algebra only.
    • R- You are required to take Reading Practicum only.
Where can I find my Financial Aid Decision?
All Financial Aid decisions for married families (one household) are located directly in your tuition contract, which will be viewable when you select "Enroll" as your decision. On the first screen you will see the contract first lists expenses and then credits indicate your Financial Aid package. This includes Work Grant- students are required to work a set amount of hours to fulfill their grant requirement (more information will be sent later) and Financial Aid.

For divorced families (split households)
, each parent will be notified directly by our Financial Aid office.

All Financial Aid questions can be directed to financialaid@rockhursths.edu.

Next steps in the enrollment process:

Step One: 
Complete Enrollment Contract

Between now and Registration Night (information below), we ask that you complete the enrollment contract and pay the $600 payment, $500 of which will be credited to your first tuition payment in July 2023. The remaining $100 is a New Student Registration Fee. Please review the Tuition Letter for 2023-2024 School Year for this coming school year.

  1.  Please log in to your Rockhurst MySchoolApp accountThis is same log in used for the admission application.
  2.  Select the decision tab, and make a decision to enroll or not.
  3. Across the top, please click on the yellow banner, indicating you have been assigned a contract.
  4. Please follow the on screen steps to complete the enrollment contract.* 
  5. For technical assistance, please contact the Admissions office as soon as possible.
*Need a little more guidance? Click on the button below to be taken to our step by step guide to executing the contract.

We look forward to planning a class schedule that will be both interesting and challenging for you. Placement in core courses (English, Math, Science, etc.) will be made based on your HSPT scores and sub-scores.

Please be advised we require at least one parent or guardian be present for course registration.

Completion of the Enrollment Contract(Step 1 above) is required to go through the course selection please, please view on your MySchoolApp account, and complete the Enrollment Contract and submit enrollment deposit prior to your registration appointment.

Course Registration Sign-up: 15 minute time-slots are available from 4:00pm-7:00pm on Monday, March 20 or Tuesday, March 21,  Please follow this link to register for a time-slot.

For those interested in Advanced Math and Foreign Language course options, please find qualifying exam information HERE.

Step Three: Review additional documents. These documents outline some important information as you start your journey at The Rock!

1.) Freshman Guidebook (all of your questions answered!) - You will receive a hard copy of this book at Registration Night.
2.) Key Calendar Dates for 2023-2024
3.) Tuition Letter for 2023-2024 School Year
4.) Purchase iPad (specifications)
5.) Check out these Summer Sports offerings!

Optional Additional Steps:
1.) Qualifying Exam Information- for those interested in Advanced Math and Classical and Modern Languages course options.
2.) If you are required Magis Academy Summer School, you can register here.
3.) Order your Rockhurst Uniform Shorts to start the year out in style!

Upcoming Freshman Events