Communication Arts

The primary goal of the Communication Arts department is to provide students with communication opportunities incorporating technology.  Communication Arts courses develop skills that are beneficial for academic and professional endeavors.  We strive to develop “men for others,” men distinguished by their competence, conscience and compassion.  The robust list of offerings shows RHS commitment to the arts and the importance they play in "educating the whole person."  Courses offered in Communication Arts are electives. Students are required to take a minimum of two semesters of Communication Arts. 

The Communication Arts department consists of the following classes: Introduction to Movie Making, Advanced Film Making and Editing, Web Page Design, Introduction to Graphic Design, Introduction to Mass Media, Introduction to Broadcasting, Broadcasting 2, Journalism in the Digital Age, Public Speaking, Newspaper, Photography, Yearbook, Automated Accounting, Business Law, Introduction to Computer Science, and Computer Management.

Communication Arts Department Faculty

Mrs. Nicole Smith, MA - Department Chair


Telephone: 816-363-2036 x318

Voice Mail: 320


Mr. Benjamin Gliedt, BA (ASC)


Telephone: 816-363-2036 x378

Voice Mail: 378


Mr. Phillip Helt, MA


Telephone: 816-363-2036 x255

Voice Mail: 297


Ms. Ann Lehane, BA


Telephone: 816-363-2036 x237

Voice Mail: 237

Mr. Kevin McGill, MA


Telephone: 816-363-2036 x318

Voice Mail: 566



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